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Woman With Prescription Drug Addiction
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Addictive Prescription Drugs

Doctor-prescribed medications can be dangerous and addictive. This can lead to health and social consequences. Any time a prescription is written, it needs to be followed closely to ensure addictive

group staying active in recovery at a rehab center
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How To Stay Active In Recovery While Social Distancing

Life has drastically changed globally as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One area that has witnessed notable transformation is communication, which now features greater social distancing and isolation. Although

woman researching recovery resources for addiction

How To Get Recovery Resources During A Pandemic

During these unprecedented times, people with substance use disorder are particularly vulnerable to changes in their environment. The rules that come with the pandemic related to social isolation can be

man struggling with science and addiction

The Science Behind Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by a compulsive behavioral pattern that continues regardless of the harmful consequences. A person who repeatedly relapses regardless of how many times they say

woman celebrating because she learned relapse prevention skills
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8 Relapse Prevention Skills to Learn

Relapse is often part of recovery. Preventing relapse will be a challenge early on. The best way to maintain sobriety is to apply the relapse prevention skills you learned during

two people thinking about addiction and covid-19

Addiction and COVID-19 Connection

As the COVID-19 pandemic marches on, more people are suffering from anxiety, loneliness, and depression – all of which can lead to addiction. Social distancing, the quarantine, financial problems, job

woman thinking about stress and recovery
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How To De-Stress During Recovery

Stress and recovery can be challenging to handle when they occur at the same time. For many people, stressful situations can trigger a relapse if they don’t take proactive steps.