Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

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A recovery program should be a constructive, motivational and life-changing experience for those who suffer from substance abuse disorders. Motivation is the typical approach of most recovery centers as it establishes will. Will is the ultimate solution for anything that prevents our ability to move on. An individual therapy program in Portland, ME, that provides quality treatment is necessary for lasting sobriety.

Liberty Bay Recovery teaches motivation, believing it to be one of the core principles of recovery. Our therapists aren’t afraid, to be honest with patients. This method produces a drive for those who are in need of recovery. Our programs are numerous because every patient has a different road when it comes to recovery.

a woman and her therapist discussing an individual therapy program portland meIndividual Therapy Program in Portland, ME, That Treats You Based on Your Individuality

Rehabs often cluster patients into a group, and this group doesn’t allow them to have individual needs. Although you do require the same treatment as others who suffer from this illness, you are an individual, and you need your treatment tailored through individual counseling in Portland, ME. You’ll find compassionate and tailored treatment in our residential treatment center.

Liberty Bay Recovery remains an 11-bed facility for those who are in need of an individual rehab program. Those who require detox will complete their journey along with nine other patients. The small number of people in treatment allows us to get to know each patient.

Individual Therapy Program in Portland, ME, Offers Several Important Programs of Recovery

Liberty Bay Recovery believes in a compassionate, well-rounded approach. You can remain in a group with others during your recovery, and you can also keep your mind at ease during the recovery process. We replace drugs with relaxing mindfulness techniques. This allows our patients to recover in comfort and replace bad habits. Here are the treatment tools we use at our facility.

  • 12-step program
  • Holistic methods
  • Different types of yoga
  • Motivational interviewing
  • DBT
  • Family therapy
  • Trauma therapy for those in need

Individual Therapy Program in Portland, ME, Doesn’t Stop After Residential Treatment

It is important to maintain sobriety in the outside world. It is common for those who only seek out a residential stay to relapse once they return to society. Remember, society was part of their substance abuse problem, to begin with.

PHP, otherwise known as partial hospitalization, provides all the therapies after their stay. Patients still meet with their doctors to discuss their care by commuting to the facility every weekday. We also provide patients the programs which helped them recover in the first place. They attend yoga, 12 step, and everything else needed to achieve lasting sobriety.

After-care programs like intensive out-patient programs include groups with peers that allow the facility to check up on you and keep you committed to your progress. In group sessions, you and others will share the challenges of staying sober.

These programs are not just for those who have completed treatment. Some do not have time to attend a residential facility or simply do not wish to. PHP may be the perfect solution for fitting in recovery when you must live some of your day-to-day life along with it.

We offer individual therapy along with the PHP program. Your need to privately discuss the issues that led to your substance abuse disorder to keep your mind and body healthy. Discussing these issues helps promote healing.

Quality Counseling in Portland, ME

Motivational, yet honest confrontation, allows those with substance abuse disorders to talk about and discuss the issues they’ve been facing with a counselor. The counselor is there to provide compassionate feedback. Because of the small size of this facility, individual therapy is frequent.

Liberty Bay Recovery Integrates the Social Aspects of Substance Abuse

Whether you are looking for individual counseling in Portland, ME, or community care to achieve sobriety, Liberty Bay Recovery provides you with support. We’re also here to help keep you sober after the treatment ends. We strive to be an individual rehab that changes your life. Call us at [Direct] to learn more.