About Liberty Bay Recovery Center

About Liberty Bay Recovery Center

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Drug or alcohol addiction presents an enormous challenge, and the process of overcoming it can be long and difficult. Experts estimate that approximately one out of every 12 American adults struggles with alcohol addiction. Meanwhile, around 8% of Americans over the age of 12 deal with drug addiction. While addiction sufferers often feel alone in their struggle, it’s not something they have to face without help. At Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine, they can find the support and information they need to start on the path to recovery. But what’s different about Liberty Bay Recovery?

What You’ll Find at Liberty Bay Recovery

Liberty Bay Recovery Center offers a wide array of resources and support that addicts need to begin their lives anew. Read on to learn more about Liberty Bay Recovery and some of the features and services that are provided by our facility:

A Supportive and Understanding Staff

All of the members of our team share the same set of values. They’re passionate about what they do, they care deeply, and they display professionalism. They are also former addicts. This feature is what enables our staff to relate and empathize so well with individuals. The ability to offer support as someone who has been through the same struggle is what allows them to give care and understanding whenever it’s needed. This is something about Liberty Bay Recovery that you won’t find at most other recovery facilities.

A Kitchen with Nutritional Meals

Liberty Bay Recovery features a modern, fully outfitted on-site kitchen to provide patients with wholesome, nutritious snacks and meals. Returning to a state of good health following substance addiction requires much more than simply giving up your old, unhealthy habits. It’s also essential to replace those old habits with healthy ones such as exercising and eating well. Our facility puts a strong emphasis on helping patients make these changes while they’re here and stick to them.

Counseling from People Who Care

Counseling is a critical part of successful addiction recovery. Our facility gives individuals the option of both individual and group counseling while they’re here. However, because we know that overcoming an addiction is a lifelong process, we strive to ensure that we provide individuals with a detailed plan for getting back to their normal lives, sans drugs and alcohol. Our counselors and advisers collaborate with individuals to make sure they understand the necessary steps for achieving both their short- and long-term goals. Liberty Bay Recovery understands that our job is to do everything in our power to help individuals steer clear of the devastatingly frequent instances of relapse that a lot of people experience following recovery treatment.

More About Liberty Bay Recovery Center

Addiction presents a significant hurdle to get past, and although it can feel impossible, it’s well within your reach. Furthermore, as our staff understands well, it’s not a hurdle you have to jump alone. Liberty Bay Recovery wants to support you along the path to recovery. If you’d like to read more about Liberty Bay Recovery Center, the following pages provide more information about our facility:

If you’re ready to make the positive changes in your life that you deserve, please contact us today at 855-607-8758 to find out more about how we can help.