Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, individuals should bring toiletries and clothing that can cover a two-week time period. There is no need to worry about towels, linens for the bed, or things such as toilet paper and paper towels since we will provide these. An individual can bring an MP3 player as long as it does not have the capability to connect to the Internet. Other mobile devices for communication such as cell phones, video game consoles, tablets, and laptops are not permitted. Those who are traveling to us who want to bring a cell phone can leave it with us upon arrival, and it will be returned to them upon departure.

Absolutely. We urge families who are looking to repair damages caused in the past and who want to create a successful road map for their life now and in the future to join in our sessions. At Liberty Bay Recovery, our family sessions are private. They are just for you and your loved ones. We only work with one family at a time.

The qualification levels of our staff vary from Master’s Degrees to Medical Doctorates to Bachelor’s Degrees.  All of our clinical staff is at minimum Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors that are licensed with the state of Maine, and all of our clinical hands-on staff have experience in successfully overcoming their own addictions as well as other diagnoses. Our staff has a number of years of experience working with addiction and mental health recovery.

As shown on our home page, we happily work with the majority of private insurance companies. To verify your insurance, click here. With us, there are no hidden costs. The price you see is the price you get. Most insurance companies cover the majority, if not all, of the treatments we offer. There is also a special rate for patients who pay with cash. For more information please contact 844-894-2673.

More than 90 percent of our clients complete the program. Of course, true success can only be measured by the long-term sobriety of those who have completed the program. This can be challenging to quantify. However, a large portion of our graduates decide to live in the area around our facilities. Many choose to mentor other individuals who are currently enrolled in our program. For more information on current outcome studies, please contact our admission specialist at 855.607.8758.

We provide long-term off-site care for every individual in our program. Many of our graduates must return to their jobs, their families, or their academic pursuits soon after completing our program. For this reason, before they leave, each patient is given options to receive aftercare programs in their home environment. This care will include individual counseling and will take advantage of local support resources. Advocating a continuum of care for each individual who participates in our program is something that we believe is an important part of providing ethical and effective care. Our goal is that the recovery techniques taught through our program will translate into long-term recovery and a permanent improvement in the quality of life of our graduates.