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Treating opioid addiction is a challenging task to undertake. For this reason, it’s important for people to find a rehab center that gives them the best chance for success. However, what should they look for in an opioid addiction treatment center in Maine? Thankfully, they can search for a few specific programs that make treatment successful.

On-Site Detox

Man is comforted during group therapy at an opioid addiction treatment centerNot all rehab centers offer detox and rehab in the same location. However, experts state that people have a better chance of recovering when they receive both services at the same place. There are many different theories as to why.

One theory is that people don’t always seek rehab after completing detox. The reason is that they feel better after detox and think that they have control over their addiction. In reality, they need rehab to deal with the cause. When they get both services in the same location, they’re more likely to complete both.

An opioid addiction treatment program that includes detox also involves less transferring between facilities. When people visit a detox-only facility, they eventually have to move to a rehab center. Transferring between facilities and meeting new people tends to cause more stress. When it comes to overcoming addiction, keeping stress to a minimum is very important.

Residential and Outpatient Rehab

When people look for an opioid addiction treatment center Portland Maine offers, they should consider one with a variety of programs. In fact, it’s important that they choose a place that has both residential and outpatient services. Studies show that these two programs work well together and offer the best chance of recovery.

It’s common for an opioid addiction treatment center to use these programs as stepping stones. Generally, people start with residential rehab and eventually move on to outpatient rehab. The outpatient program tends to offer more freedom, which is excellent for people who complete residential treatment.

Look for an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center With Gender-Specific Services

People must consider men’s and women’s different needs when they search for a prescription drug addiction treatment center Portland Maine offers. While men and women often suffer from many of the same addictions, the causes of addiction vary greatly.

For that reason, it’s important to find a rehab center that offers gender-specific rehab. This facility may treat both men and women but cater to the needs of each gender individually. These programs tend to help people recover at a faster, safer pace too.

Look for Aftercare Programs

People shouldn’t let rehab end after they complete residential and outpatient treatment. Addiction is a lifelong mental disorder, but they can manage it and live normal lives. Once they leave rehab, though, they often feel like they have nowhere to turn to in a pinch. That’s when an opioid addiction treatment center with aftercare programs comes in handy.

Aftercare continues to provide support after people leave an opioid addiction treatment center. It’s important because they can continue to get help while they reintegrate into society. For many people, this integration process is stressful and likely to cause a relapse.

However, an aftercare program can ensure that this doesn’t happen. People continue to get support from the rehab center as they get their lives back on track. Even after aftercare ends, they should seek support groups that they can meet with regularly.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center Puts Your Needs First

Do you want an opioid addiction treatment center Portland Maine has to offer? Do you want this rehab center to put your needs first? If so, consider seeking help at Liberty Bay Recovery Center. Let our therapeutic community provide the guiding light that you need to beat addiction.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide a reliable opioid addiction treatment program, we offer a variety of services. Some of the programs that we offer include the following:

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