Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient Rehab

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Portland Maine is an economic hotspot on the east coast. With its flow of marine industry and tourism, many people enjoy visiting the area. Cobblestone streets, boutiques, and fresh ocean air characterize the Old Port, located on the waterfront. But with the delightful atmosphere of city life also comes the propensity for drug addiction problems. Just as with any big city and a population of 66,882, drugs are a plight that needs the attention of an opioid addiction treatment center Portland Maine offers. With the proper care of an inpatient drug rehab center, those affected may find hope, peace, and rest.

Qualities of a Professional Inpatient Drug Rehab Portland Maine TrustsInpatient drug rehab center Portland Maine offers with an inpatient alcohol rehab center

Anytime people are suffering in the midst of a drug crisis, they need the best, most professional medical care. Attempting to cover over the problem with self-help measures or inadequate care may only aggravate the issue. Why is this true? Because when people are down in despair due to drug or alcohol addiction and they attempt to break free, if they are met with failure right away it just reinforces their negative thinking. Therefore, they need a treatment program that will help them find success right from the start. Otherwise, they will feel more hopeless about their condition and possibly give up.

If you provide people with the tools to break free from drug addiction, then they will be more successful. This reinforces a positive mindset for the entire community of drug users. Important qualities to have for an inpatient drug rehab center include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Supportive, understanding staff
  • Counselors empathize with individuals and provide an integral part of the process
  • Patients receive nutritional meals
  • Patients have access to addiction resources

These qualities in a rehab center will ensure you gain the assistance needed for healing overall.

Therapies of a Rehab Center in Portland Maine

When seeking an inpatient alcohol rehab center or drug facility, therapy is at the core of treatment. Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol are suffering from other mental health conditions as well. Therefore, this necessitates a dual diagnosis and a specific treatment plan addressing these conditions. A wide variety of therapy options is important to meet the needs of patients. For example, important therapies include:

These therapies ensure that you receive treatment for both drug or alcohol abuse plus any mental health issues.

Welcome to Liberty Bay

Introducing inpatient alcohol rehab Portland Maine as well as inpatient drug rehab center. Liberty Bay welcomes all individuals who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. The facility consists of compassionate, understanding staff that will see you through until the end. Whether your situation is dire and requires intensive intervention or you need drug rehab, we offer a variety of programs. Some of our programs include:

Our therapeutic community is here to offer guidance, support, and their own personal experience. Moreover, you’ll never feel alone in our inclusive, loving environment.

Don’t let drug or alcohol addiction ruin your life. In fact, you can overcome your addiction by going to an inpatient drug rehab center. Get in touch with us at [DirectNumber], and we’ll be there to help you start your journey to healing today.