Why Choose Liberty Bay Recovery

Why Choose Liberty Bay Recovery

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Liberty Bay Recovery is a premiere center for drug and alcohol detox in Portland, Maine. Liberty Bay promises to give you one of the most comfortable medical detox processes available.

Our staff has years of experience assisting individuals detoxifying from drugs and alcohol. We understand that one of the biggest obstacles to recovery is fear of the withdrawal process. This is because our staff is made up of recovering addicts.

Many drug and alcohol addicts will continue their addictive behavior long after they want to quit. This is simply to avoid the recovery process and painful symptoms that accompany the withdrawal. Some even try to recover from their addictions at home, thus suffering through days of discomfort and violent withdrawal only to succumb to abuse again to relieve the pain.

We believe in creating a different experience here at Liberty Bay Recovery. We have a dignified approach to recovery which emphasizes an open door policy. Despite the fact that you are in recovery, the ambiance is more of a home than a hospital. Individuals reside in comfortable modern, elegantly furnished rooms with adequate space for their personal effects.

Patients do not wear hospital gowns but are instead given access to the laundry facilities during the recovery process. Drug addiction and alcoholism often lead to a variety of health complications such as malnutrition. Our kitchen ensures that everyone gets a nutritionally balanced meal selected from a diverse menu that includes snacks as well. Nutrition is without a doubt an essential part of the recovery process.

Liberty Bay Recovery offers individual and group counseling programs. Once the treatment is complete, our discharge planners will help individuals decide the next plausible course of action. Also, we will be happy to make continuing care arrangements with a network of the finest treatment centers.