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Cocaine Withdrawal


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When you stop using cocaine, you may go through a variety of cocaine withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from anxiety and fatigue to depression or even medical problems. You may experience these withdrawal symptoms of cocaine for only a few days or several weeks.

If you have decided to end your addiction, your best option is to join a cocaine detox treatment center. You can get help from addiction treatment professionals who can ensure that your detox is safe. With all the complications that can arise during detox, you should never try to end your addiction on your own and should find a cocaine addiction treatment center in Portland Maine.

Why You Have Withdrawal Symptoms During Detox

When you first take cocaine, your brain reacts by releasing dopamine, a pleasure-generating neurotransmitter. The more cocaine you take, the more pleasure your brain produces. The result is a euphoric feeling that energizes you. You may remain in this state of euphoria for an hour or two.

Once your brain experiences this feeling, you want to return to it time and again. You do not want the feeling to end. Over time, however, your brain becomes dependent on the feeling because your addiction creates a psychological pattern. It becomes harder to quit the drug and you start noticing signs of drug addiction.

When you finally decide to quit, your brain reacts by wreaking havoc in your nervous system and the rest of your body. You experience withdrawals for two reasons, including:

1. Your Body is Adjusting Without the Drug

Your brain and the rest of your body are now readjusting to functioning without the ongoing production of dopamine. This adjustment occurs primarily in your brain and nervous system. However, it can affect the rest of your body.

2. Your Body is Cleaning Out the Drug

The body has an impressive ability to heal itself as it ejects toxins from all systems and organs. When you stop using cocaine, your body immediately begins the healing process. While this is beneficial, it can also be painful.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms?

The severity and type of withdrawal symptoms you experience will largely depend on the nature and depth of your addiction. How long have you used cocaine? How did you consume it? Are you using additional drugs or drinking alcohol? How much cocaine do you use?

Common cocaine withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Feeling agitated or restless – you may be irritable for a few days
  • Bad dream, restless sleep, or hallucinations
  • Intense cravings that will not go away
  • Vomiting, nausea, or severe pain in your stomach
  • Flu-like symptoms or pain all over your body

You may also experience more intense symptoms, including respiratory, circulatory, or digestive complications. For this reason, a treatment specialist at a medical detox center will monitor your progress to make sure you are safe during your initial phase of recovery.

Start Your Treatment for Cocaine Addiction at Liberty Bay

Although cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be difficult, it is possible to overcome your condition. With help from Liberty Bay, you can successfully get through detox and be on your way to a full recovery. To find out more, call us today at (855) 607-8758.