Medication Management Program

Medication Management Program

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If you’re looking for a medication management program in Portland, Maine, look no further than Liberty Bay Recovery. All individuals at Liberty Bay Recovery will work with a physician as they go through the treatment process. With our comprehensive treatment, we can address your alcohol or drug detoxification needs in a safe and comfortable way.

In addition to detoxification services, our medically assisted detox is supported by access to any necessary psychiatric treatment. We are able to prescribe and refill medication for anxiety and depression. However, for other mental health concerns, we refer out. Certainly, more severe mental health concerns may arise after you have some time clean and sober. If these traits emerge, or they were not disclosed during admission, we do our best to find outside psychiatric help while you are receiving treatment.

Whether it’s you or a loved one who wants to address substance abuse issues, we have treatment for you. The staff at Liberty Bay Recovery provides medication assisted treatment to diminish the effects of withdrawal. This treatment addresses physical needs like acute withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Additionally, medication assisted treatment addresses mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, or problems with sleep patterns. Should the staff detect an additional problem that may have triggered or played a role in an individual’s drug or alcohol use, such as a mood disorder, medication and mental health counseling are available to treat those underlying conditions.

Why Use A Medication Management Program?

At Liberty Bay Recovery, we understand that sometimes therapy is not enough to help an individual kick their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Medically managed services boost an individual’s chances for a successful recovery. Medication assisted treatment, combined with the care of doctors who have special training in addiction medicine, reduces the severity of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and cravings. The relief provided by a medication management program allows treatment to address underlying triggers or causes that hinder your recovery. We strive to make recovery more tolerable to increase the likelihood that our patients will enjoy long-term success and sobriety.

Through a medication management program, individuals work jointly with their physician to tailor a treatment plan to the individual’s specific needs. As individuals move through the detoxification and recovery process doctors continuously monitor their progress. Doctors then use the information gleaned from the assessments to alter medication levels and guide a medication management program. With these medically managed services, individuals can complete detoxification safely and quickly.

Once the individual’s system is free of the damaging drugs and alcohol, our staff will complete a more thorough and precise clinical analysis. At this stage, we assess any co-occurring issues that have emerged during detox. Then, staff adjusts treatment as necessary. After detox, a transition to an inpatient rehab center or outpatient treatment program assists each individual in building a stable and practical life in recovery.

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Drug or alcohol addiction is not only damaging for the addict themselves; the effects are also harmful to the individual’s family and friends. Medically assisted detox and a medication management program in Portland, Maine can be the first step to healing for you and your family. Additionally, evidence-based addiction therapy programs assist you with the long-term coping skills and resources you need for a lasting recovery.

When addiction remains untreated, it can and will rob you of everything you ever worked for or cared about. If you’re ready to end your dependence on drugs or alcohol, call us today at [Direct]. Find out how medically managed services can assist your journey to recovery.

We accept many types of insurance, including Aetna, Cigna, Humana, ValueOptions, United Health Care, Government Employee Health Association (GEHA), United Medical Resources (UMR), Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare, and Providence Health Plans. We also accept state insurance and offer several affordable self-pay options.

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