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When you struggle with opiate addiction, you know you make up only one person in millions struggling with these dangerous drugs as part of the opiate epidemic. However, you break free from that pack and gain the individualized treatment you need for stable, lasting recovery when you enter an opiate detox center and rehab. At Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine, you learn about your own power of one and start making the changes you only dream of right now.

Do I Need an Opiate Detox Center?

a man shakes an admissions counselors hand at a Portland Maine opiate detox centerFor a short period, opiates solve many peoples’ problems by treating chronic pain, or even the severe pain felt after injuries or surgery. However, opiates can cause issues as well. Your opiate addiction started with pleasant and euphoric feelings of the opiate high. Now you find yourself stuck in the cycle of drug seeking and drug using.

The way out of that cycle is through an opiate detox center. You already know you face withdrawal symptoms, the ill feelings you experience every time you run out of your drugs. However, in a Portland Maine opiate detox center, you receive the help and comforts you need. Then, you can get through those ill feelings to the other side of addiction, your own recovery.

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. today. More people die from these drugs than even car accidents. Starting your recovery journey at a heroin addiction treatment center Portland ME trusts is the safest way to move forward with your life.

You should never attempt cold turkey withdrawal at home or elsewhere. Instead, you need safety in your transition from active substance abuse to early sobriety. This safety comes from a licensed opiate detox center that provides medically-supervised care provided during your withdrawal. Through a quality detox center’s help, you achieve sobriety safely, comfortably, and with motivation to succeed in recovery.

What Happens in an Opiate Detox Center?

If you attempt home detox, you face days, weeks or even longer of discomfort as your body clears itself of your drugs and associated toxins. You go through intense withdrawal symptoms that drive many people right back to their drug use to make the ill feelings go away. However, the problem with that relapse is a deadly overdose. Not realizing how little of your drugs your body can now handle, you face potential death at your first relapse dose.

Why suffer this intense withdrawal when you get the comfort and care you need for safe detox in an opiate detox center? Through effective medications, nutrition, hydration, and other treatment methods, your opiate detox at Liberty Bay Recovery Center keeps you feeling comfortable. Support continues from withdrawal’s beginning to its end.

Treatment in this Portland Maine opiate detox center provides relief for a range of symptoms, such as:

  • Muscle and bone aches
  • Yawning, teary eyes, goosebumps, and runny nose
  • Abdominal cramping, nausea, and vomiting
  • Sleeplessness
  • Blurry vision and dilated pupils
  • Rapid heartbeat and restlessness
  • High blood pressure, anxiety, and sweating

How Liberty Bay Recovery Center Can Help You Achieve Lasting Sobriety

Lasting recovery can happen to you. You make it happen, with Liberty Bay Recovery Center’s help. This help takes place in addiction treatment programs with multiple levels of care. You safely detox in Liberty Bay’s opiate detox program, then graduate to the rehab treatment you need.

Programs at Liberty Bay Recovery Center include:

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