Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Rehab

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Addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer. It wreaks havoc on a person’s entire life, regardless of age, race, gender, intelligence, or income bracket. Even so, treating it varies widely according to each person’s situation and responsibilities. If you have a serious problem with alcohol or drugs and want to get help, you will first need to decide on the environment that best meets your needs. Your choices come down to either residential or outpatient drug rehab.

Residential Options

a man at an Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Portland Maine trusts smilesInpatient or residential treatment requires a stay of several weeks in a facility. While there, you remove yourself from the people, places, and things that contributed to your addiction. You will be under constant supervision by trained staff. All of the other clients are overcoming addiction as well in this setting. A large chunk of every day is spent in counseling sessions, exercises, and groups to promote recovery. However, while you are in this setting, you cannot go to work and must make arrangements for child-care. Many insurance providers do not cover inpatient stays.

Outpatient Rehab

As the name implies, outpatient programs make it possible for you to live at home and carry on with your work and family responsibilities while regularly attending therapy and support group sessions at an outpatient drug rehab Portland Maine offers. Advantages of this arrangement include the following:

  • Recovery happens in the real world, not in an artificial environment. In an outpatient rehab center, you learn to overcome obstacles as you encounter them, not in theory
  • Counseling sessions work with your schedule, often on weekends or evenings
  • Since you are in your home area, clinicians encourage your family to be a part of your sessions. Since they are your main support network, it’s a great benefit when they understand more about you and your addiction
  • Outpatient drug rehab is usually more affordable and often covered by insurance

Outpatient programs are not ideal for everyone, however. Obviously, anyone who needs to detox from severe alcohol or drug use must undergo 24-hour care under the supervision of medical professionals. Similarly, people who are at high risk of relapse tend to do better in a fully supervised residential program.

If alcohol or drugs are ruining your life, consider contacting a drug rehab center Portland Maine trusts.

Why You Should Call Liberty Bay Recovery

You have many choices when it comes to drug rehab as well as the outpatient alcohol rehab Portland Maine offers. However, Liberty Bay Recovery can help you achieve long-lasting recovery without you needing to put the rest of your life aside. Our empathetic and knowledgeable outpatient drug rehab counselors believe that every person is unique; therefore, we treat your addiction and its consequences in a way that considers your needs. We offer the following outpatient drug rehab services:

  • Intensive outpatient drug rehab counseling and treatment on weekday evenings
  • Access to peer support and 12-step groups
  • Evidence-based therapy interventions including CBT and DBT
  • Expertise in treating clients with dual diagnoses
  • Information and referral to recovery-related community resources

We will take the time to discuss your unique situation with you at no obligation. Our staff, about 80% of whom are in recovery themselves, will be there with you every step of the way as you begin your journey toward insight, health, positive relationships, and sobriety.

At Liberty Bay, we will help you gain understanding and learn coping strategies that can lead to long-term recovery. If you want your healthy life back, call our compassionate, knowledgeable outpatient drug rehab staff today at [DirectNumber].