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When addiction takes hold of your life, you feel utterly powerless and out of control. With your relationships in shambles, your finances in ruins, and your physical and mental health compromised, you are probably afraid that you will never be healthy again. Add to that the guilt, shame, and anger you are probably also feeling. You might now be concluding that you should seriously look into contacting a residential addiction treatment program. Contact us today by calling 855.607.8758 to learn how addiction treatment programs can help you or a loved one.

Addiction or Recreational Use?

One of the hallmark symptoms of the disease of addiction is denial. Perhaps you think that a residential addictionresidential addiction treatment treatment center doesn’t make sense for you. Maybe you only drink or use drugs socially or when you want to have fun. Before you decide that you don’t have a serious drug or alcohol problem that warrants residential addiction treatment, honestly ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I isolate myself from old friends or neglect hobbies or activities I once loved in favor of drinking or drugs?
  • Do I spend more and more time craving and thinking about alcohol or drugs?
  • Have I lied to friends or family members about my drinking or drug use?
  • Is my drinking or drug use negatively affecting my relationships, education, work, or finances?

Facing the answers to these difficult questions is important. It allows you to separate a less concerning tendency to drink or do drugs recreationally from a full-blown addiction. If you have reason to believe that you or someone you love has a drug or alcohol use problem that requires the residential treatment Portland Maine offers, the good news is that there are options available to you.

The Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

Taking time off from your regular life and committing to your sobriety is challenging but worth it. Fully immersing yourself in a residential addiction treatment facility can be the best way for you to work toward recovery. By separating yourself from your daily routine and the people you may have been using with, you now have the opportunity to do the work of reflecting on and understanding your addiction and the behaviors you engaged in as a result. A residential addiction treatment facility’s structured, distraction-free setting can be the perfect environment to foster change.

In addition, a facility for residential treatment in Portland, Maine, provides you with constant support from expert staff who are committed to your success. They can teach you about the causes of your addiction and life skills and how to build and sustain healthy relationships. Residential treatment for substance use disorder can help you to cement the foundations of healing that you can take with you back into the world.

Experience the Liberty Bay Recovery Center Difference

When it comes to residential addiction treatment, you have numerous options. Our beautiful and newly renovated 24,000 square-foot residential addiction treatment center offers the full spectrum of recovery-related services. These include the following:

  • 24-hour, medically supervised detox
  • Gender-specific, private rooms
  • Evidence-based individual and group addiction therapy approaches
  • Focus on co-occurring mental health and trauma issues if applicable
  • Residential, partial hospitalizationintensive outpatient, and outpatient services
  • Follow-up individual, group, and family counseling for program alumni

If you are seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Portland, Maine, let Liberty Bay give you a helping hand. Our empathetic staff knows what you’re going through because many of them are recovering from the disease of addiction themselves. They will hold you accountable for your recovery in an atmosphere of information, support, and understanding. Call Liberty Bay Recovery Center today at 855-222-6945 to begin your journey toward an addiction-free future.