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One of the most effective solutions available for overcoming mental health problems or substance abuse is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT therapy is time-tested and is scientifically proven to be an effective method of managing mental health problems. Both individuals and families can enjoy the benefits of CBT programs through the services of Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine. We provide the best cognitive behavioral therapy Portland Maine has to offer.

We are able to prescribe and refill medication for anxiety and depression. However, for any other mental health concerns, we refer out to trusted providers. Certainly, more severe mental health concerns may arise after you have some time clean and sober. If these traits emerge, or they were not disclosed during admission, we do our best to find outside psychiatric help while you are receiving treatment.

Goals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Portland Maine

A woman talks to a counselor during cognitive behavioral therapy Portland Maine about CBT therapy CBT rehab and the cognitive behavioral therapy Maine offersThe goals of CBT therapy are diverse because there are many different applications for this treatment. Both groups and individuals can receive CBT treatment to help understand their disorders, find solutions to their problems, and ensure that solutions remain effective in the long-run. Group support therapy can prevent relapses and discourage behaviors that can lead to low self-esteem. CBT therapy can also help individuals to self-manage the stress that can result from a mental illness. Families can even take advantage of Liberty Bay Recovery’s CBT therapy programs to help them understand how to make the life of their loved one better and to reduce their own stress. The goals of CBT therapy can vary significantly between cases. However, the therapy always aims to make a long-lasting impact on the life of a patient.

Benefits of CBT Therapy

Many patients who successfully complete CBT therapy exit treatment feel more secure about their future and less upset about their problems. CBT therapy can help break down the communication barrier between patients and their loved ones. A good environment at home can help patients recover more effectively. CBT therapy can teach families how to communicate clearly and avoid unnecessary arguments that could otherwise occur. Patients can also enjoy long-term benefits from CBT therapy because we teach patients how to learn from their experiences to ensure better adaptation to the dynamic nature of the real world. Therefore, the cognitive behavioral therapy Portland Maine residents trust can be very effective because it can help patients recover in their own way. The flexibility of CBT therapy ensures that patients and their families have a better life after therapy.

Who Needs CBT Rehab Treatments

CBT therapy can be a good option for patients who struggle with a wide variety of mental disorders. Many patients attempting to overcome drug abuse problems will seek CBT therapy to reduce their dependence on harmful substances. CBT therapy can also be a good option for individuals struggling with common mental problems, such as depression, bipolar disorder, or wild mood swings. Individuals struggling with more complex problems, such as eating disorders or anxiety, can also use CBT therapy as a way to cope with everyday life. CBT therapy can even be effective for patients struggling with schizophrenia or other long-term mental problems. Individuals who seek treatment are more likely to cope with their problems and look forward to living a happier life.

Is Liberty Bay Recovery’s CBT Therapy Program Effective?

The CBT practitioners at Liberty Bay Recovery are fully licensed and are at the top of the mental health field. These experts can help patients find solutions to their addictions and other mental problems. Our facility works hard to identify your addiction cycle and find a solution that can make an impact in the long-run. During the treatment process, we often uncover new ways for patients to turn negativity into a positive motivator. The entire team at Liberty Bay Recovery will be available at your convenience to encourage your success and help you to get control over your life.

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There are so many reasons to enter rehab and partake in cognitive behavioral therapy. If left untreated, addiction can, and will, take everything from you.

Regardless of your insurance, be it Cigna, Aetna, Humana, United Health Care, ValueOptions, GEHA (Government Employee Health Association), UMR (United Medical Resources), Providence Health Plans, Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare, or even state insurance — we can help you. We also offer many affordable self-pay options.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center offers a variety of dual diagnosis treatment options, including:

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