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Signs and Symptoms of Addiction


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Once standard drug use turns into a habit wherein the user begins to yearn for the drug even when not taking it, it’s clear that recreational drug usage has evolved into drug abuse, which can be particularly destructive to a person’s health. Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine provides a wide range of treatment options and drug rehabilitation to anyone currently suffering from signs of drug abuse.

Many drug users who eventually become addicted to drugs will have started out by experimenting with drugs during social situations with friends or classmates at school. While not everyone who experiments with drugs becomes addicted later on, it does happen on a regular basis. The risk of chemical dependency on the drug and the rapidity of the drug addiction depends on which type of drug is being taken, as certain drugs have a much higher addiction risk than others.

What are the Signs of Drug Abuse?

As you become more and more dependent on a drug, your body will require larger doses to achieve the same effects as before. As abuse of the drug subsists, you might have difficulty doing much of anything without the drug in your system. Once this occurs, trying to stop usage of the drug will only serve to bring about withdrawal effects.

Common Signs of Drug Abuse May Include Any of the Following:

  • Strong urges and cravings for the drug
  • Needing to take the drug on a consistent basis
  • Having to consume a higher dosage to receive the same intensity of the high
  • Spending money on drugs even without the ability to afford them
  • Allowing social and job requirements to slip by unnoticed
  • Spending most of your time on obtaining and using the drug
  • Being unable to cease usage even when trying to do so
  • Doing whatever it takes to get more of the drug
  • Partaking in dangerous behaviors, such as driving while under the influence and engaging in promiscuity
  • Going through withdrawal symptoms

How to Recognize Drug Abuse

Recognizing that someone is abusing drugs can be easier depending on a person’s age. If it’s a teenager you’re dealing with, it can be tricky to discern whether the way they are acting is typical of a teenager or emblematic of a drug abuse problem; this is easier to identify with adults. There are a number of signs to look out for when identifying whether someone you know is abusing drugs, which include the following:

  • An unkempt appearance that is signified by a lack of interest in how they dress and their hygiene
  • Issues at school such as being absent on a regular basis, a drop in grades, and having an uncaring attitude about school activities
  • Asking for extra money without giving a reason. Stealing money or items from home that may be going towards their drug habit
  • An inexplicable change in behavior marked by secretive behavior. Not allowing friends or family into their room and treating friends and family differently than in the past

What To Do If You Suspect Someone Has a Problem With Drugs

If you have identified that someone close to you is showing signs of drug abuse in adults, there are a few things you can do:

  • Talk about your worries: Speak to the person who is abusing the drug and make sure to let them know you fully support them and don’t think badly of them. Assure them that you will be with them as they seek recovery.
  • Don’t attempt to blame yourself: Nothing you have done has led this person to abuse drugs. It is their problem and also their decision to seek recovery and treatment for their addiction.
  • Make sure that your needs are in order: Your needs are just as important as the person going through drug abuse. Don’t neglect them in your pursuit of recovery for this person.

If you are currently going through drug abuse, it’s important to remember that you will need support from those closest to you to fully recover. Whether you enter a rehab facility, seek therapy or utilize self-help programs. This helps you gain support from your friends and family. Overall, they can offer encouragement and much-needed guidance during the entire recovery process.

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Drug abuse only works to hurt you and those closest to you. Therefore, this is why rehab is necessary to get your life back on track and recover from your addiction.

Addiction will change you into someone you can’t even recognize. As such, call us today at (855) 607-8758 for additional information on treatment options available at Liberty Bay Recovery. It doesn’t matter what insurance you have (Cigna, Aetna, Humana, United Health Care, ValueOptions, GEHA (Government Employee Health Association), UMR (United Medical Resources), Providence Health Plans, Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare, or even state insurance, our services are available to you. You can choose among a number of self-pay options as well to overcome a Portland Maine drug problem.

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The facilities at Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine offer individual and family therapy sessions that can provide you with everything you need for long-term recovery. One of the staff members will be able to identify any specific challenges that may arise during the recovery process. Because of this, the treatment program will be tailored specifically to your needs to ensure that you will stay sober. From the moment you speak with us, our staff at Liberty Bay is fully committed towards your permanent recovery. Make sure to contact us today!