Yoga and Meditation

Doing different activities along with an individual therapy program and other addiction therapy services as part of your addiction treatment can be a great way to help you achieve recovery and stay sober. Yoga combines both exercise and meditation to give your mind and body a great way to relax and grow. Liberty Bay is here to help you in all stages of your recovery journey after you participate in treatment. Many times, finding an activity that you enjoy can help you achieve sobriety in the long-term. Yoga is a great way that you can achieve support and enhance your recovery from addiction.

How Yoga Helps With Recovery

Yoga adds a physical element to treatment and promotes emotional strength. This is a great way for residents to be able to work on strengthening their bodies and minds. Physically, yoga enhances self-awareness, flexibility, and core muscles.  Emotionally, residents can discipline their minds and bodies to work through uncomfortableness by holding poses. This results in behavioral change which can be utilized in real-world situations they may encounter in the future. It helps individuals build additional strength that they may need while they are participating in treatment and recovery.

Most of the residents who participate in our residential addiction treatment center in Portland, Maine have not tried yoga prior to coming to treatment. Often times, people initially resist the exercise because it is hard work, and because it is uncomfortable. Yoga pushes your physical and emotional limits. After only one or two classes, many residents end up welcoming the sessions stating it teaches them about themselves and makes them feel better. With time and experience, yoga helps strengthen you from the inside out. It will also give you a sense of self-confidence. This will greatly help you in achieving a lifetime of sobriety.

Many residents often find themselves sticking with yoga therapy even after they leave our women’s addiction treatment or our men’s addiction treatment program. After participating in classes, it can become a hobby to help you in recovery when you are feeling the temptation to drink or use substances again. Overall, many people find that yoga helps you live a healthy lifestyle without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness help bring awareness to the present moment. Instead of spending time thinking about the past or what will happen in the future, meditation teaches individuals to focus on the moment. This benefits those in recovery by inviting individuals to observe their tendencies without judgment and improve them. Developing this kind of mindfulness creates a needed space between reaction and response. This way of thinking will significantly help you when you have to make the tough choices about addiction and treatment.

Treatment and therapy is not an easy process. However, participating in activities such as meditation and mindfulness can help give your mind and body a break when you have been working hard in recovery. It helps you focus on what is important, and will help you stay on track in your recovery.

Contact Liberty Bay Recovery

Liberty Bay Recovery Center now offers on-site yoga and meditation twice a week. We offer both individual and small group sessions to residents led by certified yoga instructor Lara Nordensen. Contact us at (855) 607-8758 so you can learn more about the programs we offer at Liberty Bay and how they might benefit your recovery. You will find that you are capable of so much more than you thought you were. Our professional staff is here to help you achieve your highest potential so you can focus on the more important things in life.

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