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Liberty Bay Recovery does not only treat an individual, but we also treat the entire family. Rebuilding the family dynamic is an essential component of our therapeutic rehabilitation approach for long-term drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our method entails working with the individual together with their family to create functional structures that will keep them strong and healthy through recovery.

The process is interactive, primarily placing emphasis on strengthening relationships, setting healthy boundaries, forming practical family roles, and building communication. Each family member will learn how to interact efficiently to honor their needs and desires.

Spouses, close friends, and family members are invited to take active roles in their loved one’s recovery by supporting the addict in a rehabilitation program at Liberty Bay Recovery. There are family workshops and visitations scheduled at appropriate times during the treatment process. Our institution utilizes peer-driven accountability, which helps reinforce a “family” structure.

Our rehabilitation program encourages individuals to take active roles in communicating, problem-solving, confronting, and interacting with others in a group setting. As a result, those who graduate rehab for drug and alcohol abuse can effectively utilize the life skills and family communication techniques acquired during their stay at Liberty Bay Recovery.

Located in Portland, Maine, Liberty Bay Recovery is a nationally recognized substance abuse treatment facility, providing alcohol and drug rehabilitation services to men and women. The goal of the professionals at Liberty Bay Recovery is to rebuild the health of individuals and their loved ones by treating the body, mind, and spirit. Contact us today to learn more about our family program.