couple arguing because alcohol is harming relationships

Is Alcohol Harming Your Relationships?

Nobody wants to ruin the trust and love of family members and friends over something preventable or controllable. Experts agree that alcohol abuse can negatively influence all your relationships, including how you relate with your spouse, parents, colleagues, and friends. Attending treatment at Liberty Bay Recovery Center can help you begin to repair these relationships…

patient at a medical detox center

Should I Enter Medical Detox For Alcohol Addiction?

For a successful recovery, people struggling with alcohol use disorder need supervised medical detox to avoid health risks. The process of eliminating toxic levels of alcohol from your bloodstream can be strenuous, painful, and even life-threatening. Moreover, you are likely to relapse when you undergo detox without medical monitoring in a rehab facility like Liberty…

woman who needs depression treatment

Should You Seek Treatment For Depression?

It is often challenging for people struggling with depressive disorders to identify the appropriate time to seek depression treatment. Considering the millions of Americans suffering from mental health issues, you should reach out to Liberty Bay Recovery Center as soon as you notice the symptoms of depression. Tens of millions of US citizens are battling depression. Furthermore,…

man staying sober during coronavirus

Staying Sober During Coronavirus

This coronavirus pandemic is challenging for everyone, but it’s especially difficult if you’re on the journey to recovery. Periods of stress can often cause us to retreat to our old habits and behaviors. If you’ve recovered from a drug or alcohol addiction through a residential addiction treatment program, this extra stress might create the conditions…

two people discussing the different counseling options for addiction

Different Counseling Options for Addiction

Counseling is one of the most effective ways for individuals to gain a healthy perspective on their emotional wellbeing, relationships, and behavior. Each person is unique, so they naturally respond differently to various counseling options. The best counseling option for you is the one that best meets your individual needs. If you want to achieve…