long term effects of heroin

Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Heroin

Opioid use disorder has truly become a tragic epidemic in the United States, so heroin addiction treatment is just as crucial as ever, if not more. While people who struggle with this may use various substances, heroin is still the most popular. That is because it is potent, relatively inexpensive, and often easy to find.…

processing trauma

Help for Processing Trauma

If you want to know what a trauma therapy program is, you first need to understand trauma. Trauma is an emotional response to events or experiences that overwhelm your ability to process what’s happened and respond in a healthy manner. People who experience trauma may feel helpless as they struggle to cope. There is a…

polysubstance abuse

What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

Polysubstance abuse is a complex substance use disorder that is relatively common among regular drug users. The term refers to the dependence on or everyday use of two or more substances at once and can affect people of all lifestyles and backgrounds for various reasons. Generally, the best way to treat polysubstance abuse is with…

drug relapse triggers

Identifying Drug Relapse Triggers

Relapses during drug rehabilitation are extremely common. Though a high-quality drug addiction treatment from Liberty Bay Recovery Center can significantly help your results within your recovery journey, it’s important to keep in mind that relapses are simply a part of the process for many. The journey to recovery from a drug dependency can be long…

alcoholic parent

Getting Treatment for an Alcoholic Parent

Alcoholism can damage all kinds of relationships. However, the toll that alcoholism can take on the relationship between a parent and child can be particularly difficult. Depending on the child’s age and dependence on the parent, alcoholism can cause children to be neglected and abused mentally, physically, or even financially. That is why encouraging alcoholic…

depression and addiction

How Depression Impacts Addiction

Depression and substance abuse are both extremely common conditions that affect millions of people worldwide. However, the phenomenon of both occurring at once or even feeding into each other is nearly as common. Generally, a dual diagnosis treatment at a personalized facility like Liberty Bay Recovery Center is the best choice for someone facing both…

healing from trauma

Get Help Healing from Trauma

Emotional trauma is an extremely complicated experience that affects nearly everyone in some way to varying degrees. Though many people could benefit from a trauma therapy program with a high-quality treatment facility like Liberty Bay Recovery Center, many aren’t even aware of the extent of their trauma and how it might be affecting them in…

benzodiazepine withdrawal

Managing Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

Benzodiazepines are extremely common prescription drugs used to treat PTSD, panic attacks, and other acute anxiety disorders. When used in its proper dosage for its intended anti-anxiety purposes, benzodiazepines can be beneficial. However, problems can arise when patients become dependent on the drug or use them long-term. In cases like this, Liberty Bay Recovery Center’s…