a man learns how heroin detox can help him before rehab

How Heroin Detox Can Help Before Rehab

Before beginning treatment in a formal rehab program, detoxification serves as a critical first step. The need for a detox from highly addictive substances, such as heroin and other opiates, can improve the chances of recovery. However, heroin detox is never an easy process to undergo. Thanks to the support of a helpful staff who…

a couple explains how the alcohol detox process works

How the Alcohol Detox Process Works

For anyone with an addiction to alcohol, suddenly ceasing drinking will lead to severe symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms indicate a physical dependency on alcohol. Without medical supervision, severe complications could arise. Anyone with alcohol dependence should seek professional alcohol detox to safely wean off this substance. What Is Alcohol Detox? Alcohol detox is the…

a woman uses dual diagnosis treatment for addiction

Getting Help for Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction and mental illness have a strong connection. Individuals can start with one and develop the other or find both worsen simultaneously. Getting treatment for addiction and a mental health disorder concurrently offers the greatest chance of success. The type of recovery program that addresses both is dual diagnosis treatment. What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?…

a person receives intensive outpatient treatment for addiction

4 Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment offers a way to continue recovery with support while reducing the chances of a relapse. In fact, types of outpatient programs serve as higher steps in the recovery process. Participating in an intensive outpatient program (IOP) can benefit clients in multiple ways, including the following: Gives More Freedom in Daily Schedules for…

Woman Experiencing Side Effects from Synthetic Drugs

Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs are created in labs, often in an attempt to mimic plant-based psychoactive chemicals. Synthetics are often sold online and illegally shipped worldwide. Molly, Spice, bath salts, meth, and DMT are some examples of synthetic drugs. These drugs, which contain human-made chemicals, can be harmful and addictive, especially when they are cut with opioids.…

Woman With Prescription Drug Addiction

Addictive Prescription Drugs

Doctor-prescribed medications can be dangerous and addictive. This can lead to health and social consequences. Any time a prescription is written, it needs to be followed closely to ensure addictive prescription drugs are used in a safe manner. If you’ve strayed from that for any reason, it may be time to seek out treatment for…

Maine Addiction Treatment Patient and Provider

Why Travel to Maine For Addiction Treatment Programs?

Many people relocate to another part of the country to attend treatment for substance use disorder. When you get away from home, such as through our Maine rehab programs, separating yourself from your environment can help you focus on your recovery. Take the time now to get help outside of your comfort zone. At Liberty…