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What Is Meth Mouth?


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Methamphetamine is a synthetic central nervous system stimulant that causes jitteriness, bursts of euphoria, delusions, paranoia, and aggression. Meth users often experience a condition known as “meth mouth” that involves rotting teeth, abscesses, and tooth loss. Meth mouth involves a gradual decline of dental health due to methamphetamine use. This and other consequences of addiction often prompt people to seek meth addiction treatment in Portland, Maine.

If you or a loved one are struggling with meth addiction, Liberty Bay Recovery Center can help. We offer comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment with a well-rounded wellness approach. We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms of addiction. If you are looking for meth addiction treatment in Portland, ME, you can call us at 866-824-5276 for more information.

What Is Meth Mouth?

Meth mouth refers to tooth decay and oral disease accompanying a methamphetamine addiction. The compounds in methamphetamine destroy teeth and gums through smoking the drug. Meth consists of many harsh chemicals and toxic substances that can cause abscesses, lesions, and rotten teeth.

Meth mouth can describe a variety of dental problems. Many people addicted to meth experience tooth decay, rotted teeth, crumbling or broken teeth, gum disease, and numerous missing teeth. These conditions can be dangerous for your oral health, as the compounds in meth can lead to oral cancer.

Oral Effects of Meth

Smoking meth degrades your dental health. Some of the oral effects of meth include:

  • Sugar consumption
  • Excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Failing to perform oral health maintenance
  • Damage to teeth and gums through smoking meth

These are impactful consequences that could be catastrophic to a person’s oral health.

Cravings for Sugary Beverages

One of the effects of meth is the craving for sugary, carbonated drinks. This includes soda and alcohol. Sugary, high-calorie drinks have been linked to tooth decay and cavities in all people, not just people addicted to meth—the effects of meth compound the damage that carbonated, acidic drinks cause to your teeth.

Jaw Clenching and Grinding

People addicted to meth often grind their teeth and clench their jaws involuntarily. This is one of the effects of meth due to its stimulating nature. Excessive grinding and clenching of the jaw can lead to tooth damage as your enamel wears away. In extreme cases, teeth may become chipped and jagged due to teeth grinding.

Neglecting Dental Hygiene

During periods of meth-induced highs, most people neglect basic self-care practices. Meth can cause delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia. These psychological effects of meth make it difficult for the person to focus on daily tasks.

Meth use often causes hyperactivity and stimulation, leading a person to think that dental hygiene is an unimportant task. People who are addicted to meth often spend the high period engaged in high-energy activities or their hallucinations. Self-care can fall by the wayside during this time.

Meth Mouth Treatment

Proper dental care can help prevent some of the oral side effects of meth. However, once the teeth and gums are damaged, there is not much a dentist can do to salvage the broken, missing, or rotten teeth.

Periodontal disease can be treated by a professional to restore gum health. There is no guarantee that the gums will return to a perfectly healthy state after meth use. The best way to mitigate the effects of meth on dental health is to avoid meth use altogether.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center Meth Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one are seeking recovery from meth addiction, Liberty Bay Recovery Center welcomes you with open arms. We are a compassionate, empathetic recovery center that focuses on all aspects of your mental health. Addiction often has roots in mental health crises, and we have knowledgeable staff to help with that.

If you want to learn more about Liberty Bay Recovery Center’s meth addiction treatment, visit our website or call 866-824-5276. It is never too late to reach out for help.

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