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person struggling with heroin and depression with head down and face hidden

How Heroin Can Impact Depression?

The strong link between heroin and depression is one of many unfortunate consequences of the opioid epidemic. The short-term effects of heroin may seem to alleviate depression symptoms. However, one

long term effects of heroin

Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Heroin

Opioid use disorder has truly become a tragic epidemic in the United States, so heroin addiction treatment is just as crucial as ever, if not more. While people who struggle

heroin overdose symptoms
Addiction Treatment Therapy

Getting Help for Heroin Overdose Symptoms

If you or a loved one is struggling with heroin or opioid dependency, it’s important to know the signs of overdose so that you can potentially save your own life

distressed woman staring into the distance wondering what is fentanyl used for

What Is Fentanyl Used For?

Opioid addiction occurs in all areas of the United States and at every financial level. What is fentanyl used for? Illegal manufacturers of this synthetic opioid distribute this drug across

a table with narcotics displaying the myths about drugs
Drug Rehab

The Five Most Dangerous Myths About Drugs

There are all sorts of misconceptions surrounding drug usage, ranging from “you can’t get addicted after a single-use” to “only poor people struggle with addiction.” Unfortunately, these myths about drugs

bag of heroin shows how much heroin does it take to overdose

How Much Heroin Does It Take to Overdose?

Heroin is a drug, and most drug dosages are based on a person’s weight. So, how much heroin does it take to overdose? Simply get on the scales and weigh

man in beanie on floor with his hands on his head and needle with spoon on table as man tries to quit heroin cold turkey

Why You Can’t Quit Heroin Cold Turkey

If you are going to quit heroin cold turkey, there are some things you need to know. First and foremost, you need to understand the health and medical implication of

man sits outside in nature looking at trees and thinking about the opioid epidemic by state
Drug Rehab

Opioid Epidemic By State

Addiction is all around us.  These days it seems as though every person in your life is somehow affected, or at least knows someone that is affected, by the devastation