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detox pregnant

Detoxing While Pregnant

If you use drugs and alcohol while pregnant, you may develop a substance use disorder (SUD). When this condition sets in, it becomes a challenge to stop using drugs. But

how long is alcohol rehab

How Long is Alcohol Rehab?

The first and most challenging step in recovering from alcohol addiction is accepting that you have become powerless over alcohol. Unfortunately, many people live in denial, failing to acknowledge that

Stress Responses: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Stress Responses: Fight, Flight, or Freeze In these challenging times, most people experience stress. The difference is in how we cope with trauma and triggers. Some of us can find

quitting cold-turkey
Addiction Treatment Therapy

The Risks of Quitting Cold-Turkey

Millions of people are reported to have suffered from a prescription opioid addiction, and more than 600,000 suffer from heroin addiction. Though each of these conditions is distinctive, the numbers