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How Alcoholism Can Impact Women

In the past century, women have been catching up to men in rates of alcohol abuse, and women’s rehab centers are reporting an uptick in female clients.  Women are binge

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Cocaine Rehab

Long Term Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine abuse can result in life-altering health complications. Most people who use cocaine will require professional cocaine addiction treatment to safely and effectively quit the drug.  If you’re using cocaine

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Addiction Treatment Therapy

Sober Goals for the New Year

As the New Year draws closer, most people are finalizing their New Year’s resolutions. When you are on your journey to recovery, it can be isolating and difficult to figure

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Alcohol Rehab

Enjoying a Sober Holiday

The holidays can be a challenging time to stay healthy, especially for those in recovery from addiction. Holiday traditions, annual gatherings, and even childhood memories can tug at your emotions,

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Alcohol Rehab

Tips to Avoid Drinking on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an important and special time to gather with family and friends to celebrate the season. Oftentimes, these gatherings include plenty of delicious dishes to enjoy too. It’s not

quit drinking

Helpful Tips to Quit Drinking

Are you concerned about the amount of alcohol you consume? Are your weekend nights out becoming an everyday occurrence? Have you tried to quit drinking but can’t? If you have

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Common Relapse Triggers

While the successful completion of a rehab program is a big first step on the road to recovery, it’s by no means the end of the line. One of the

drug relapse triggers

Identifying Drug Relapse Triggers

Relapses during drug rehabilitation are extremely common. Though a high-quality drug addiction treatment from Liberty Bay Recovery Center can significantly help your results within your recovery journey, it’s important to

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Staying Sober over 4th of July

Going through addiction treatment can be extremely difficult for many reasons, no matter what substance you’re struggling with, how long you’ve been dependent on it, and what the circumstances of

maintaining sobriety

Maintaining Sobriety After Rehab

Completing a rehab program is the first step to staying sober. But what happens after you complete the program? Staying sober post-rehab doesn’t have to be difficult. Get yourself equipped