How Alcoholism Can Impact Women

How Alcoholism Can Impact Women

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In the past century, women have been catching up to men in rates of alcohol abuse, and women’s rehab centers are reporting an uptick in female clients. 

Women are binge drinking and developing alcohol use disorders more than ever. Previously, alcohol abuse affected three men for every woman. But studies say that today, the ratio is closer to 1:1. 

Alcoholism can lead to a host of health consequences if left untreated.  A comprehensive approach to treatment is needed to address the psychological and physiological aspects of the disorder effectively. 

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Are the Effects of Alcohol Abuse Different for Women?

Women are drinking more these days for many reasons. It is thought that women have increased their alcohol use to help them cope with the stress and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As everything about their daily lives changed dramatically, some women sought easy ways to deal with the disruption created by lockdowns. Alcohol became their number one choice.

The increase in alcohol use among women is concerning because women are at higher risk than men for alcohol-related health consequences. Researchers have learned more about the impact of alcohol abuse on women, and their findings are notable. Keep reading for more information about alcoholism and women.

Women Have Higher BAC

Gender-related differences in brain chemistry and metabolism contribute to the adverse effects of alcoholism on women. When most women drink alcohol, they experience intoxication more quickly than men. Women have less water in their bodies than men, so they retain a higher concentration of alcohol in their tissues and blood. 

Women Develop Addiction Quicker

Women are more vulnerable to alcohol addiction than men for several reasons. Their physiology, hormone levels, neurobiology, and genetics are contributing factors. 

Risks of Health Issues Are Greater for Women

Some of the devastating health problems that make alcohol riskier for women are described in more detail below. 

Brain Damage

Why are women more vulnerable to alcohol-related brain damage than men? Because the brain region that controls memory and learning is smaller in women. Alcohol shrinks this area, causing cognitive decline more quickly in women.

Breast Cancer 

Breast cancer is another effect of alcoholism and women. This risk is attributed to how alcohol increases estrogen and other female hormones. These hormones are often associated with different types of cancer.

Heart Disease

The risk of heart disease is about the same for men and women despite women having a 60% lower history of alcohol use than men.

Liver Disease

Liver disease develops in women over a shorter period, even when consuming less alcohol than men. This problem is linked to increased estrogen levels caused by alcohol use.

Help for Women and Alcoholism at Liberty Bay Recovery 

At Liberty Bay Recovery, we understand the profound and unique effects of alcohol abuse on women’s and men’s health and life. We have created treatment programs that address specific issues and ensure that each client gets the level of care they need. 

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