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person struggling with heroin and depression with head down and face hidden

How Heroin Can Impact Depression?

The strong link between heroin and depression is one of many unfortunate consequences of the opioid epidemic. The short-term effects of heroin may seem to alleviate depression symptoms. However, one

functioning depression
Anxiety Treatment

Living with Functioning Depression

Depression treatment doesn’t look the same for everyone. Not every person with this mood disorder is affected so severely they can’t get out of bed, but some are. Chronic low-level

world mental health day
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Observing World Mental Health Day

As an addiction treatment center, Liberty Bay’s main focus is helping people manage substance use disorder. However, we also understand the importance of promoting good mental health. World Mental Health

showing support for mental health awareness week
Depression Treatment

Why Mental Health Awareness Week Matters

What plans do you have for the mental health awareness week? The US will mark the Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) from the 4th to the 10th of October. The