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Exercise and Recovery to Beat Addiction

Exercise and Recovery to Beat Addiction  Are you ready for this? What if part of your recovery treatment plan included activities like yoga? Well, yoga therapy in Portland, ME residents have

Stress Responses: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Stress Responses: Fight, Flight, or Freeze In these challenging times, most people experience stress. The difference is in how we cope with trauma and triggers. Some of us can find


The Power of Positive Affirmations

The Power of Positive Affirmations in Addiction Recovery It’s no secret that recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a long and challenging process. It takes a lot of courage

person struggling with heroin and depression with head down and face hidden

How Heroin Can Impact Depression?

The strong link between heroin and depression is one of many unfortunate consequences of the opioid epidemic. The short-term effects of heroin may seem to alleviate depression symptoms. However, one

recognizing ptsd
Addiction Treatment Therapy

Recognizing PTSD Early

It’s estimated that at least 5.2 million Americans are affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) every year. While it was once considered a mental health problem that only war veterans

functioning depression
Anxiety Treatment

Living with Functioning Depression

Depression treatment doesn’t look the same for everyone. Not every person with this mood disorder is affected so severely they can’t get out of bed, but some are. Chronic low-level

alcohol-induced dementia

What Is Alcohol-Induced Dementia?

Alcohol misuse can lead to many long-term health problems down the road and ultimately require alcohol addiction treatment. One of these health problems is alcohol-induced dementia, a form of brain

signs of ptsd in women
Dual DIagnosis

Common Signs of PTSD in Women

Struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder can cause people to have complex emotional responses when faced with events that remind them of their unhealed trauma. Using high doses of psychoactive drugs

early signs of bipolar disorder
Bipolar Disorder

Recognizing Early Signs of Bipolar Disorder

At Liberty Bay Recovery, our main focus is helping people who are struggling with substance use disorder. However, it is important to be aware of symptoms that may indicate a