Exercise and Recovery to Beat Addiction

Exercise and Recovery to Beat Addiction

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Exercise and Recovery to Beat Addiction 

Are you ready for this? What if part of your recovery treatment plan included activities like yoga? Well, yoga therapy in Portland, ME residents have used to overcome addiction is just one of the therapy options found at Liberty Bay. As part of a recovery treatment program, an exercise and recovery mindset is simply an aspect of their holistic healing approach.  

Heal the Body 

Addiction takes its toll on every aspect of our lives. Even our bodies – especially our bodies, take an awful beating. From poor diets to nutrition depletion and much worse, we need to heal physically from addiction. This is one area where the exercise and recovery thought process applies. But exercise also helps more than just our body, it can benefit our mind and emotions too.  

Exercise and Recovery for Your Mind and Emotions 

Although the body is abused by drug abuse it can be argued that the greatest battles take place in the mind. When we begin living a new life, a life free of drugs and drug abuse we will begin to make changes. How we spend our free time and what we do with our leisure time will be some of the changes we make. Exercise is a perfect outlet for stress, worry, and boredom, one of addiction’s favorite areas to attack. The endorphins and other chemicals that are released into the body when we exercise have a positive effect on our minds and bodies. The holistic therapy programs in ME help you recover your mind and body.  

Using Physical Therapy for Exercise and Recovery 

Yoga is just one of the exercise and recovery therapies used that can help you overcome addiction. Even our self-image and self-esteem take a hit and are abused by drugs. Few things help us to feel better and more confident about ourselves than exercise. When we begin to look physically healthier and begin to feel and look better our confidence also improves. A confidence that can be stripped by drug abuse and addiction. That is because of the connection between our mind, body, and spirit. These connections can be recognized and understood better with tools like Yoga. Tools that help us to use our physical being to connect with our mental and emotional being. Tools that help us to let go of our anxiety, our worry, and our addiction. Like any tool, however, it must be picked up and used.  

Recovery Begins with You 

It doesn’t matter how good any technique, program or rehab treatment center is if you don’t take that first step. Addiction leaves us tired, isolated and often feeling hopeless and lost. Discover your life and your hopes again at our drug and alcohol rehab center in ME. Exercise and recovery let you start connecting and stop isolating. You can begin to restore your energy with yoga and other physical therapies. Simply going to the gym, going for a run or doing some exercise won’t free you from addiction. As part of the right program focused on healing your whole person and used as a tool to overcome addiction, however, it can. Help is here and your new life without addiction can begin today. Recovery is about more than getting off of drugs it is about getting your life back, all of it. Contact us to take back your life, your emotions, your physical health, and your mental well-being now. Call us today at 855.607.8758 and let us help you beat the disease of addiction.