Growth of Liberty Bay Recovery Leads to New Milestones

Growth of Liberty Bay Recovery Leads to New Milestones

sprouting plants represent the growth of Liberty Bay Recovery

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Liberty Bay Recovery Center reached another milestone in its growth last week.

On Thursday, October 29th, Liberty Bay received a client who would fill our final open bed. Today, November 4th, we officially reach our 6-month anniversary from our open date.

Although we’re currently full, don’t mark us off your list of addiction resources – we regularly have new graduates to create new open spaces, and in the next few weeks, we plan to open an additional men’s house to make room for more clients, as well as introduce a new therapist to our growing team.

In the meantime, we’re accepting potential residents on a wait list. At Liberty Bay Recovery Center, our goal is to help the most people possible with the highest quality possible; this goal can only be reached by continuing to grow and change as the needs of our community become more apparent to us. To be added to our wait list, fill out our online application form here.

While Liberty Bay considers this a success – a product of our hard work and an indicator of our reputability, it also goes to show Maine people’s increasing need for addiction rehabilitation services. It seems that one of the largest barriers to addiction recovery continues to be the lack of resources out there for Maine people who are in search of treatment. Liberty Bay is proud to contribute to the services available to people who are ready to recover – we know that although we cannot help every single person who needs it, we are surely making a difference in the lives of the people we can manage to touch.

Besides providing the services that we do at Liberty Bay, we’re also working on building connections with other rehabilitation facilities in Maine. The more resources we know about, the more help we’ll be able to provide to those seeking it. Liberty Bay Recovery Center is not just a facility dedicated to helping people through our program – we also strive to be a valuable resource for people who look to us for information and support.

We’re proud to share our bittersweet milestone and look forward to growing with the addiction recovery community.