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Detoxing While Pregnant

If you use drugs and alcohol while pregnant, you may develop a substance use disorder (SUD). When this condition sets in, it becomes a challenge to stop using drugs. But

how long is alcohol rehab

How Long is Alcohol Rehab?

The first and most challenging step in recovering from alcohol addiction is accepting that you have become powerless over alcohol. Unfortunately, many people live in denial, failing to acknowledge that

medication-assisted treatment for alcohol

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Alcohol

If you suffer from substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol addiction, you may drink excessively, endangering yourself and your loved ones. When addicted to alcohol, drinking will no longer be


Best Foods for Detox and Recovery

Drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation is necessary to create a better life for oneself after addiction, and while focusing on the medicinal and mental health aspects of recovery is

Stress Responses: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Stress Responses: Fight, Flight, or Freeze In these challenging times, most people experience stress. The difference is in how we cope with trauma and triggers. Some of us can find

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Addiction Treatment Therapy

Risks of Alcohol Detox at Home

Few people fully understand the complexities of alcohol use disorder (AUD). As a result, they tend to believe a person can quit drinking if they are willing to do so.

How Alcohol Abuse Affects Families

Several Ways That Alcohol Abuse Harms Family Relationships The abuse of alcohol is an issue with a serious impact on more than just the afflicted individual. When you’re struggling with

Alcohol Abuse vs. Dependence

Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol Dependence, and Alcohol Use Disorder Even though alcohol abuse and dependence may seem to be the same, there are some subtle differences. The psychiatric community now views

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How Alcoholism Can Impact Women

In the past century, women have been catching up to men in rates of alcohol abuse, and women’s rehab centers are reporting an uptick in female clients.  Women are binge

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Alcohol Rehab

Creating a Plan for a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

With the approach of St. Patrick’s Day, it is important to look ahead and use positive strategies for a sober St. Patrick’s Day. At Liberty Bay Recovery, we encourage and