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man participating in exercise and recovery

Fit to Recover

When we were children, most of us liked to play outside. We would run around for hours on end. We ran because it gave us happiness and excitement. Along the

child suffering from childhood trauma and addiction

Childhood Trauma in Relation to Addiction

Few people recognize that childhood trauma is a component that is strongly linked with rates of substance abuse addiction, health problems, suicidal ideation, and even early death. Many people attribute

stressed out woman resting elbows on table while holding temples and wondering is addiction a disease

Is Addiction A Disease?

We understand that many who suffer from substance abuse disorders receive a lot of blame on their part. Your family members, friends, and even mental health professionals may have pointed

woman covering face with hands wondering what is psychological dependence

What Is Psychological Dependence?

Having an addiction makes you feel like you’re in a frightening and confusing place. Your emotions may be a mess, and you feel confused, irritated, frightened, and no longer in

woman at a desk with a laptop doing a yoga pose. how to practice patience

How To Practice Patience

Learning how to practice patience in our modern world is challenging for many people. We live in an on-demand world that provides quick access to everything we need. Hungry and

Woman struggles with dealing with depression and anxiety

Dealing With Depression and Anxiety

Though you may feel alone when dealing with depression and anxiety, these are two of the most common mental health conditions. When people turn to harmful, mind-altering chemicals to help

National Mental Health Awareness Month 2019 in Maine

National Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

As we approach the month of May, millions of Americans will be preparing to raise the public’s awareness of mental health disorders through celebrating national mental health awareness month. Mental