man drinking wine wondering is alcohol a depressant or a stimulant

Learn the Answer to the Question, “Is Alcohol a Depressant?”

A large segment of America’s population consumes alcohol on a regular basis. Most abusers of illegal substances have to hide their addictive actions from others. In contrast, alcohol consumption is just a part of the culture. Many people want to know, “Is alcohol a depressant or a stimulant?” Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant…

child suffering from childhood trauma and addiction

Childhood Trauma in Relation to Addiction

Few people recognize that childhood trauma is a component that is strongly linked with rates of substance abuse addiction, health problems, suicidal ideation, and even early death. Many people attribute these struggles to a lack of willpower, a lack of motivation, unluckiness, or even worse, a defect in one’s character. However, we can link many…