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How Substance Abuse Affects Men


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Men are nearly twice as likely as women to develop a substance use disorder in their lifetimes. They also face a complex set of cultural and social challenges that make professional treatment for substance abuse a far more effective option for most men. Call (855) 607-8758 today to learn about the Men’s Rehab Program at Liberty Bay Recovery and get started on your sobriety.

Men and Substance Abuse

Rates of substance use disorders in men are typically much higher than those in women. Hormonal changes in teenage boys create a propensity for risky behaviors and experiment with alcohol or drugs. This experimentation can quickly grow into an addiction with severe consequences.

Compared to women, men are more likely to:

  • Develop a substance use disorder
  • Use drugs or alcohol due to peer pressure
  • Develop substance use disorder at an earlier age
  • Use illicit drugs or alcohol rather than abuse prescription medications

Such behavior can lead to a challenging hurdle for men, and substance abuse disorders can have debilitating side effects.

Treatment for Substance Use Disorder at Liberty Bay Recovery

Seeking professional treatment is often the best choice for those struggling with substance use disorder. While there are dedicated men’s rehab programs, Liberty Bay employs an inclusive approach that provides clients with a community that understands their situation and is equipped to handle their specific issues. We are committed to minimizing distractions from your recovery work and keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Focus on Your Recovery

At Liberty Bay, we focus on recovery, not just treatment. We offer a full continuum of care, from detox and residential treatment to outpatient treatment programs and aftercare. Our goal is for our clients to attain a life of lasting sobriety.

A Healthy Environment

Our larger culture places expectations on men and women regarding looks, thoughts, and behavior. Those expectations filter down into cities, towns, neighborhoods, and homes across the country. When a person does not conform or subscribe to those expectations, the resulting push-back from their peers and family can lead to depression, anxiety, or drug and alcohol use.


Liberty Bay Recovery creates a healthy environment away from such distractions and triggers. Located in beautiful Portland, Maine, we offer a variety of clinical and holistic therapies, such as:

  • Motivational interviewing
  • 12-step program
  • Yoga


The best first step is getting away from the source and cause of your substance use disorder by changing your environment and entering a professional treatment program. Call us today at (855) 607-8758 and let us help you get started on a life of sobriety.


A Community of Peers

Everyone’s path to addiction is different, and their recovery needs are different. Being part of a community of peers that understands the power of addiction and the specific challenges and struggles related to the cycle of addiction is critical for long-lasting recovery. Liberty Bay offers a community of peers where the focus is not just women and men and substance abuse. It is a true community of clients and professional staff working together. Some advantages include:

  • A strong recovery community in the surrounding New England area
  • A weight room and community guitars because healing includes the body and spirit
  • Family education groups
  • Health-conscious meals
  • Access to many sober living houses


Liberty Bay has a well-earned reputation for helping lead people to a life of recovery, and it starts with community.


Discover Effective Men’s Rehab Programs at Liberty Bay Recovery 

At Liberty Bay Recovery, we’re committed to helping men and women lead a life of recovery. 

When you’re ready to overcome your addictions and start a better life, call (855) 607-8758 to reach one of our trained admissions professionals and start getting the help you need. 

Our compassionate team is available to help men in need seven days a week, and we can guide you toward making the best choice for your recovery. Don’t let your substance use disorder continue to stand in the way–get the help you deserve at Liberty Bay Recovery.


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