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two people discussing the different counseling options for addiction
Addiction Treatment Therapy

Different Counseling Options for Addiction

Counseling is one of the most effective ways for individuals to gain a healthy perspective on their emotional wellbeing, relationships, and behavior. Each person is unique, so they naturally respond

woman working on coping skills for addiction recovery
Addiction Treatment Therapy

How Coping Skills Help You Stay Sober

Coping skills for addiction recovery are an absolute necessity if you hope to live without having to turn to alcohol and drugs. The reality is that you were already using

child suffering from childhood trauma and addiction

Childhood Trauma in Relation to Addiction

Few people recognize that childhood trauma is a component that is strongly linked with rates of substance abuse addiction, health problems, suicidal ideation, and even early death. Many people attribute

man struggles with drug addiction

Types Of Drug Addiction in Portland, ME

The staff at Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine is ready to help all those in need of treatment for a drug addiction that has taken over their life. There