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woman at a desk with a laptop doing a yoga pose. how to practice patience

How To Practice Patience

Learning how to practice patience in our modern world is challenging for many people. We live in an on-demand world that provides quick access to everything we need. Hungry and

a table with narcotics displaying the myths about drugs
Drug Rehab

The Five Most Dangerous Myths About Drugs

There are all sorts of misconceptions surrounding drug usage, ranging from “you can’t get addicted after a single-use” to “only poor people struggle with addiction.” Unfortunately, these myths about drugs

woman shows what are the signs of meth use

Signs of Meth Use

The signs of meth use aren’t always obvious to the people around the user. While some people are transparent with their use and exhibit visible signs, others are better hiding

bag of heroin shows how much heroin does it take to overdose

How Much Heroin Does It Take to Overdose?

Heroin is a drug, and most drug dosages are based on a person’s weight. So, how much heroin does it take to overdose? Simply get on the scales and weigh

multiple prescription bottles with pills on the table show difference between opiate vs opioid

Opiate Vs Opioid

Opiates are drugs that come from the opium plant. Opiates become opioids through human-made development. While opioids have all the essential elements of opiates, they also include additional ingredients. This

girl laying on couch with hands on head experiencing heroin withdrawal symptoms

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Heroin withdrawal symptoms are oftentimes enough to urge a person to continue using in order to avoid them. They are both mentally and physically painful and taxing. If you are