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a group of people talk about their experiences at the best rehab centers Portland Maine offers

Finding the Best Rehab Centers in Portland Maine

When a loved one is going through the challenges associated with addiction, finding professional rehab centers in Portland Maine becomes vital. However, where should you start? It can help to

an intake specialist discusses the facts about addiction treatment


The fact of the matter is that 21.5 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled a substance use disorder in 2014. The reality is that our nation is struggling

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Honesty to me was for a very long time a foreign concept.  The best I could or would practice honesty would be in the form of white lies.  I figured

a man considers the gift of desperation

The Gift Of Desperation

My last day of using was riddled with thoughts of wanting my life to end. To not feel any pain. To seize the suffering and this overwhelming feeling that I

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Drug Rehab

Opioid Epidemic By State

Addiction is all around us.  These days it seems as though every person in your life is somehow affected, or at least knows someone that is affected, by the devastation

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Alcohol Rehab

Joining Forces

Liberty Bay Recovery Center is proud to announce that we are now part of Gloucester Massachusetts drug recovery initiative program as of 5-27-15. With the drug and alcohol addiction reaching epidemic

different drugs show different types of drug abuse

Types Of Drug Abuse in Portland ME

Drug abuse is a very common problem all across the country. Based in Portland, Maine, Liberty Bay Recovery provides detoxification services for people who have been struggling with substance abuse

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Types Of Drug Addiction in Portland, ME

The staff at Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine is ready to help all those in need of treatment for a drug addiction that has taken over their life. There