Life of Purpose

Life of Purpose

a man thinks about how to lead a life of purpose

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What makes a person use drugs or alcohol to begin with? Is it a lack love? Is it an abusive past? Are we genetically disposed to seeking out things that are harmful? Studies would prove all of these reasons valid as they all stem from the lack of something; purpose. People crave things that will help them identify as something. Whether you join a punk band, have a position at the church or are on track for a college degree, the things we do define us.

Such is addiction. If we start off drinking or using because of lack of love or trauma, we continue to use because of a physical addition to the substance. While addicted, our disease has us take the easy way out to fuel our use. This would include not showing up for events, not making our bed, running from responsibility and not showing ourselves love. Engaging in this behavior long enough will change our purpose in life. We change from wanting love and connections in our life to severing our connections with habits and people that will ultimately give us strength. If the negative lifestyle continues jails, institutions, heartache and early death will eventually occur.

So how do you fix the problem?
The first step is arresting the addiction. No positive change can take place so long as the psychical allergy and the mental obsession take hold. This means entering treatment or getting some serious help to help keep you away from drugs and alcohol for the time being. The second step is to start changing your belief system. This involves taking a look at your past, not being a victim of it and altering your daily habits. Doing this will allow you to discard the garbage and open the door to new and exciting things to come. The last step of this process is to find purpose. This could be anything; having a commitment at a meeting, starting school, mentoring individuals, getting a promotion, meeting someone special or planning for the future. These are just a couple things but they are a great start in your journey to connection to your higher self. We crave purpose. Just like atoms, we float around until we bond with something. Getting clean, we break the old bonds of negative purpose that bring disappear and pain and form new bonds that give us hope and peace. Find purpose in your life that brings you to a higher good but take care of your roots that got you in that position. Purpose is strength. Be sure that you are connecting to a purpose that will give you everlasting strength and will propel you to your higher self.