woman shows signs of alcoholism

Signs of Alcoholism in Portland, ME

Alcoholism, also known as alcohol addiction, is a lifestyle disease that is usually characterized by repeated episodes of heavy drinking and an inability to control one’s drinking habits. Problems such as societal pressures, as well as psychological problems, are some of the leading causes of alcoholism. Fortunately, there are several alcoholism treatment facilities such as…

woman struggles with chemical dependency

Chemical Dependency in Portland, ME

At Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine, individuals benefit from a three-stage approach in which diagnosis, treatment, and recovery are all emphasized. If all of these elements are not present, individuals are at higher risk of relapse and worsening of their dependency. Diagnosis of chemical substance dependency, as with any other chronic disease, paves the…

woman meets with therapist at stress disorder treatment center

Stress Disorder Treatment Center Portland Maine

The key to a successful recovery often hinges on finding ways to handle the stress of life successfully. Liberty Bay Recovery’s stress disorder treatment center in Portland, Maine specializes in assisting clients in acquiring the life skills necessary to manage acute stress and life stress in healthy ways. Our program focuses on controlling stress during…

man participates in mental health counseling

Mental Health Counseling Services in Portland Maine

Over time, drug and alcohol abuse problems may begin to cause difficulties in our life. Our health, emotions, relationships, spirituality, finances, family life, legal status, or employment can all become affected. For those who do begin to experience problems associated with drug or alcohol use, there is hope for recovery with the mental health counseling…