What Are Dabs? Learning More About Marijuana

What Are Dabs? Learning More About Marijuana

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If marijuana was something that you tried when you were younger, you may have smoked a joint or ate a pot brownie. Today, there are many options for using marijuana, including a bong, applying an ointment or eating a gummy edible.

What are dabs? Dabs are a marijuana concentrate that people vape or smoke. This means that they are more potent, so it’s easier to become addicted to cannabis. Different forms of dabs are available, and at Liberty Bay Recovery, we can help you deal with dependency or addiction to cannabis through our marijuana addiction treatment program.

What Are Dabs in Different Forms?

Dabs are powerful marijuana concentrates. They come in different forms, including:

  • Shatter
  • Oil
  • Butter
  • Live resin
  • Wax

Shatter is an almost transparent thin marijuana concentrate sheet. It has the appearance of amber glass and is fragile when in an area that’s below room temperature.

Oil, also referred to as honey oil or 710, is a thick liquid. It exhibits a deep gold or amber hue. Most of the time, people vape or smoke oil, but there are edible varieties. Butter dabs are likely to remind you of peanut butter. This type is malleable due to its doughy texture.

Live resin is another kind of oil. It is made from fresh marijuana plants that didn’t go through the typical drying process. This is reportedly the most powerful type of dab, and it is harder to get than other forms.

Wax dabs are crumbly and coarse. They look a lot like brown sugar, and the color is about the same as earwax. In fact, the consistency may remind you of earwax, too. While all of these provide a more powerful high, they can also escalate more quickly to dependency.

Dab Devices

What are marijuana dabs? Dabs are the concentrate leftovers after the heat eliminates the cannabinoid material from the weed. Some dab manufacturers use alcohol, butane, ethanol or carbon dioxide as solvents to break the plant down. Most people use gear like a dabbing rig or normal weed bowl when they dab. Devices include:

  • Oil rigs
  • Vaporizers
  • Atom bomb rigs

Oil Rigs

An oil, or dab rig, is a traditional piece of equipment. It consists of a water pipe designed for marijuana concentrate. An oil rig includes a holder, a dome and a nail. The rig heats the concentrate, and users then inhale the vapor. It is an effective way to use marijuana.


Different types of vaporizers are on the market. These range from high-end desktop models to affordable vape pens. Regardless of the vaporizer that you choose, each model comes with a heating element that heats up the marijuana concentrate to the proper temperature. Most people use oil, shatter or wax with vaporizers.

Atom Bomb Rigs

Atom bomb rigs are a combination of a vaporizer and a water pipe. With this type of rig, users add the dab product into the atomizer. Once the dab is in place, a battery will heat it until it becomes vapor. As with the water pipe, users inhale the vapor.

Why Dabbing Is Dangerous

Since concentrates are exceptionally powerful, they make it exceptionally easy to ingest a large amount of THC. A dab high is quicker, stronger and more hallucinogenic than one achieved with regular weed. There are many reports of inexperienced dabbers winding up in the hospital following a session. Using a dab device improperly can cause injuries to occur.

A Place to Get Help

With 20 detox and residential beds, we can help you overcome addiction. We have a variety of detox programs, which means that we can customize a treatment program based on your needs. We offer community outpatient programs and access to 24-hour medical detox. Additional therapies include 12-step, yoga, holistic treatment, and trauma therapy. You can use a combination of therapies to recover from marijuana addiction.

Quick, Effective and More Potent

So, what are marijuana dabs? They are a fast and effective way to use marijuana, and they are becoming more popular. This means that more people may be experiencing addiction. If you’re one of them, it doesn’t have to take over your life. You can recover by going to a marijuana addiction treatment center in Portland, Maine. Contact Liberty Bay Recovery at [Direct] for more information.