people partake in the therapeutic community

What is the Therapeutic Community Model?

The TC model is a method of treating substance abuse. It’s unique because it incorporates the 12 Steps of AA/NA with social learning, teaching participants how to work through their substance abuse issues, in conjunction with inner and social difficulties which can contribute to their addiction. Many times, the TC model is carried out within a residential treatment…

a team of police offers discuss operation hope

Operation Hope – A Change of Heart by the Scarborough, ME Police Department

Between 2011 and 2014 in Maine, heroin-related deaths increased by 714%, overdose deaths involving fentanyl increased by 378%, and in 2015, heroin and opiate addiction are currently found to motivate between 80-85% of all the property crimes we experience. These staggering statistics have continued to climb, while awareness of resources has continued at a steady…