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sober valentines day circled with a heart on a calendar

Sober Valentine’s Day

When was the last time you had a sober Valentine’s Day? Alcohol is a large part of any celebration, especially those that call for the expression of love. Those without

woman at a desk with a laptop doing a yoga pose. how to practice patience

How To Practice Patience

Learning how to practice patience in our modern world is challenging for many people. We live in an on-demand world that provides quick access to everything we need. Hungry and

People sit at a table with a turkey talking about how to have a sober Thanksgiving
Alcohol Rehab

How to Have a Sober Thanksgiving

With the holidays coming up, you are probably wondering how to have a sober Thanksgiving while interacting with friends and family. Stress and celebration are two means of triggering the

National Mental Health Awareness Month 2019 in Maine

National Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

As we approach the month of May, millions of Americans will be preparing to raise the public’s awareness of mental health disorders through celebrating national mental health awareness month. Mental

a group of people hold hands in prayer as a sign of faith


When I first attempted to get sober, I thought I had an issue with faith, but I was wrong.  I always associated faith with religion and thought that’s all it

two parents drinking do not think about the concept of i made my family sicker than me

I Made My Family Sicker Than Me

More affected then myself by my addiction was my direct family. My mother and father lost a son, and my sister’s a brother. The time taken away from these people

a woman holds her daughter as she tells her husband how his addiction affects the whole family

Addiction Affects the Whole Family

Being a drug addict is hard enough, but loving a family member that is a drug addict as well is a whole different playing field. I never looked at the