couple talking about the cost of an addiction

What Is the Cost of Maintaining an Addiction?

Addiction destroys health, self-worth, family, friends, hope, and financial stability. People with substance use disorder often understand the consequences of their addiction, but they are missing the coping skills, stability, and self-esteem that will allow them to heal. If trying to convince someone to stop using drugs or alcohol hasn’t worked, treatment might be their…

man struggling with science and addiction

The Science Behind Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by a compulsive behavioral pattern that continues regardless of the harmful consequences. A person who repeatedly relapses regardless of how many times they say they are going to quit. The relationship between science and addiction has become the center of research and discussion for over half a century. Everyone…

woman who is trusting her treatment providers

How to Trust Your Treatment Providers in Recovery

Rehab is a life-changing experience. The right treatment can help you transition from addiction to a life free of substance abuse. But how do you know which rehab providers in ME offer quality care? What criteria do you use for trusting your treatment providers? Last, which addiction rehab programs meet your needs and help you achieve your…

group talking about treatment programs in rehab

Why Getting a Variety of Treatment Methods in Rehab Matters

When it comes to addiction recovery, treatment variety in Maine rehab centers is available to help clients with an array of addictions and mental health issues. Treatment programs in rehab centers must provide a wide range of treatment methods to meet each individual’s needs and help them meet their recovery goals. There is no one-size-fits-all therapy, as…

two people thinking about addiction and covid-19

Addiction and COVID-19 Connection

As the COVID-19 pandemic marches on, more people are suffering from anxiety, loneliness, and depression – all of which can lead to addiction. Social distancing, the quarantine, financial problems, job loss, health problems, and the stress of dealing with the pandemic have created a strong connection between addiction and COVID-19. This has put a significant…

couple arguing because alcohol is harming relationships

Is Alcohol Harming Your Relationships?

Nobody wants to ruin the trust and love of family members and friends over something preventable or controllable. Experts agree that alcohol abuse can negatively influence all your relationships, including how you relate with your spouse, parents, colleagues, and friends. Attending treatment at Liberty Bay Recovery Center can help you begin to repair these relationships…