Willingness to Change

Willingness to Change

a woman thinks about her willingness to change

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Willingness to change was what I was presented with as a need to do things to stay sober. As a drug addict, change and the feeling of being uncomfortable were my biggest struggles. That would require me to walk through fear, one of the many things that determined my direction of life. I struggled and sometimes still continue to struggle with this.

The willingness came to me through building a connection with a higher power. It started with just wrapping my head around the idea and coming to the conclusion that everything I do ruins my life and the lives of people around me, so I hoped to god there was something greater then me out there. I started listening to people and became willing to do anything they said. For me that was a big step. Anything means anything. I was told to move to Maine. I did. I was told to go to sober living. I did. I was told to do step work to the best of my ability and I did. It wasn’t always easy, but in time I saw results.

Building a connection with my higher power, my family and friends. Living an honest and healthy lifestyle. The willingness came easier and easier when the results started pouring in. I had to give up the thought of what I knew was best and grow from it. What I thought I knew didn’t work, clearly.