Sober Thanksgiving 

Sober Thanksgiving 

drinking on thanksgiving

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Sober Thanksgiving 

The holidays are a particularly difficult time for many individuals in recovery. Whether you are newly in recovery, 10 years into your recovery, or still thinking about drug treatment, the holidays, including Thanksgiving, offer unhealthy temptations. The staff at the Liberty Bay Recovery Center, a comprehensive drug addiction rehab center ME location, offers support for individuals that need assistance maintaining sobriety over Thanksgiving.  

Achieving a sober Thanksgiving is possible, wherever you are in your recovery. Learn how to best maintain your sobriety over Thanksgiving, and throughout the holiday season.  

Difficulties Associated with Maintaining Sobriety Over Thanksgiving 

The idea of having a sober Thanksgiving is a new idea for many people, particularly for those in recovery. Thanksgiving is a time for gathering and sharing good food and good times with family, friends, old, and new acquaintances. Some families pass the alcohol or the joint around almost as often as they pass the mashed potatoes and stuffing around the Thanksgiving table. If you come from a family that passes the alcohol and other drugs around, Thanksgiving is a potentially dangerous time for your sobriety. Writing for PsychCentral, Lauren Carrane explains that if you spent every past Thanksgiving drinking alcohol while watching the game, for example, the simple act of watching the game this year can make you want a drink. Finding yourself in this or other ‘traditions,’ where drinking alcohol or engaging in other drug use is the norm, your desire to have a sober Thanksgiving is possibly at risk.  

Sometimes, your closest family or friends are the source of your greatest temptations. Comments such as, “Come on, you can have one beer,” or, “One hit is not going to hurt you,” can lead you to struggle with staying clean on Thanksgiving.  

Sober Thanksgiving Tips 

It is possible for you to maintain sobriety on Thanksgiving, no matter where you are in your recovery. Did you complete, or do you need to complete treatment at Liberty Bay Recovery Center? The staff assesses your need for:  

Your specific needs determine other evidence-based treatment options. Do you or a loved one need superior treatment at a facility to stay clean over Thanksgiving? Receive comprehensive, individualized treatment and learn these holiday sobriety tips:  

  • Plan ahead by telling your sponsor where you are going and find a list of nearby meetings 
  • Have a conversation with family and friends about your need to stay away from alcohol and other drugs 
  • Avoid isolating thoughts and situations 
  • Focus on what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving 
  • Watch out for potential sabotage efforts and have an exit plan 
  • Take care of yourself over Thanksgiving 

Maintaining your sobriety over Thanksgiving does not mean that you have to sit in a corner alone. Although you need to avoid the toxic people, things, and places that could jeopardize your sobriety, you can have a great holiday. 


Sit at the Thanksgiving table and enjoy the food, conversation, and laughter the same as everyone else. Similarly, watch the game and cheer on your favorite team. Do these things with bottled water, or a glass of your favorite non-alcoholic drink in your hand. Simply excuse yourself if the temptation becomes too great. 


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