What Is Rehab Like at a Treatment Facility?

What Is Rehab Like at a Treatment Facility?

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You might have been hesitating about enrolling in rehab because you wonder what is rehab like? After all, there’s the fear of the unknown. Liberty Bay Recovery Center is a rehab center in Maine that can help you on your journey to recovery in a safe, pleasant environment.

What Is Rehab Like When You Need Detox?

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Our rehab treatment center in Portland, ME, offers detoxification services. There are plenty of misconceptions about safe and effective detox. Because it’s the first step toward sobriety, it’s also the most important one. After all, it helps you begin to break the physical dependence on a drug.

What makes detoxing at the rehab center in Maine different from a cold-turkey approach is the safety. Medical professionals monitor your progress throughout the process. If necessary, they’ll intervene to prevent pain and medical emergencies. To this end, the facility creates a comfortable environment.

Examples of care approaches include:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring of your progress
  • Medication-assisted treatment that addresses overwhelming cravings
  • IV therapy for hydration and the administration of pharmacological support
  • Private rooms that enforce complete confidentiality during the detox process
  • Nutritional support that maintains your strength while withdrawing from a drug or alcohol

What Is Rehab Like During Clinical Care?

The medical aspect of rehab, which is detox, only takes about a week. In this short time frame, you can overcome the physical withdrawals of addiction. Next, there’s clinical care. At our rehab treatment center in Portland, ME, the process takes 14 to 28 days. It explores why you began abusing a substance in the first place.

There are different ways of experiencing this care approach. Almost all people with addiction do well in a residential program. This means that you live at the center. Your stay is as long as your treatment.

When you’re ready to graduate from the program, you might step down to partial hospitalization. In this setup, you live at home or in a sober living facility. You still attend treatment at the center. Similarly, you maintain a strong connection with your therapist.

If you have a moderate form of addiction, the partial hospitalization can also be an entry point. It’s an excellent choice when you have loved ones who support your desire to heal. Besides that, it works well when you have a safe living situation without easy access to drugs.

Another step-down option is the intensive outpatient program. In this scenario, rehab takes on a part-time approach. It’s a good option for the client who graduated from residential treatment or partial hospitalization. Similarly, it is ideally suited for the person with a job.

At the heart of the care, approaches are evidence-based addiction treatment services. Examples include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy that lets you hone healthy coping skills
  • Dialectical behavior treatment, which empowers you to control strong emotions
  • Motivational interviewing that helps you build your resolve to quit using
  • Family therapy for you and loved ones to heal together and develop healthy ways of interacting
  • Couples counseling, which can put an end to dysfunctional relationship patterns that might trigger substance abuse

Another care approach at our rehab treatment center in Portland, ME, is dual diagnosis treatment. It focuses on underlying co-occurring psychiatric conditions. For example, you might struggle with depression. Because of the condition, you reached for a drug. It was a form of self-medication. Maybe it worked for a little while. Therefore, you kept falling back on it. However, eventually, the drug failed you. It led to an addiction.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center

Staff members at Liberty Bay Recovery Center understand that rehab sounds scary. However, it really isn’t. At a private facility like this one, your clinical experience will be more like a stay at a retreat. You heal from substance abuse in the process.

Make today the day that defines your goal of sobriety. Call Liberty Bay Recovery Center in Portland, ME, at [Direct] now for immediate assistance.