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How to Help an Alcoholic

If you live with someone who struggles with alcohol addiction, you know how challenging it can be. After all, their addiction doesn’t just affect them. It affects you and others as well. In order to return your life to normal, you have to know how to help an alcoholic.

Learning How to Help an Alcoholic Starts With Educating Yourself

If you truly want to help someone who struggles with alcohol addiction, you need to educate yourself first. Thankfully, it’s easy because of the sheer number of online resources that are at your disposal. Using these resources, you can determine whether or not your loved one really has a problem.

Remember that social drinking habits or even coping mechanisms can come across as alcohol addiction. In reality, these behaviors are substance abuse. While it’s still dangerous, it’s different from addiction. If you can’t tell the difference, it’s important to get your loved one to see a professional right away.

Practice Makes Perfect

While it might not seem fair, you must get your loved one the help that he or she needs. The reason is that most people who struggle with addiction don’t seek help on their own. When it comes to getting them to agree to rehab, an intervention works wonders. Before you hold an intervention, though, you need to practice what you’ll say.

Practicing your discussion helps you put all of your thoughts in order. It allows you to make a strong case for why your loved one should attend rehab. Since getting him or her into rehab is the best solution, making a strong case is important.

Picking the Right Time

When you consider how to help an alcoholic, it’s important that you know when to pick your battles. Deep down, most people with alcohol addiction want help whether or not they know it. However, alcohol keeps them from thinking clearly. For this reason, pick a time to talk with your loved one when he or she isn’t drunk.

Picking the right time can often make the difference between failure and success. Don’t waste your opportunity fighting with him or her during a period of intoxication. Wait until he or she sobers up and can recognize that you’re providing genuine help and support.

Don’t Give Up

The best way that you can help someone who struggles with addiction is to not give up. Most people with addiction feel like they’re alone in the world and that no one understands them. With your support, your loved one can see that he or she doesn’t have to manage recovery alone.

We Can Help Your Loved One Overcome Addiction

Do you need residential and outpatient alcohol rehab Portland Maine has to offer? If so, contact Liberty Bay Recovery Center. Once your loved one agrees to seek help, we can provide both detox and rehab. A few of the services that we use include:

Don’t let alcohol addiction ruin your life and your relationship with someone you love. Learn more about how to help an alcoholic. Reach out to us today at 855-607-8758 to help your loved one regain control of his or her life.

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