Guide to Paying for Rehab in Portland, ME

Guide to Paying for Rehab in Portland, ME

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If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, then rehab may be exactly what you need to get back on track. However, rehab may seem expensive or unobtainable if you just look at the total costs. Thankfully, there are several different ways to make rehabilitation more obtainable so that you can get the treatment you need. To help you get started, here’s an overview of exactly what sort of mechanisms exist for paying for rehab in Portland, ME, as well as what types of rehab are available. There is a unique solution for every patient.

a patient paying for rehab in portland meNeed Help Paying for Rehab in Portland, ME?

The first thing you need to know is that your insurance may cover most or all the costs associated with rehab. Some people just look at the total overall cost and conclude that they can’t afford to get help, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Check your policy for coverage of rehabilitation or just use our convenient insurance verification form to see what you qualify for.

However, that’s not your only option. After you’ve figured out how much your insurance will cover, there are still some ways to lessen the financial burden of rehab. Rehab financing may allow you to pay the amount owed over the total months you need so that you don’t need to pay it all at once. Get in touch with Portland, ME rehab experts to see if you can work out a payment plan that fits your unique circumstances.

Paying for Rehab in Portland, ME Offers Access to Many Programs

Rehab financing may seem steep, especially if you don’t know how many services a quality facility can provide. At a comprehensive program like Liberty Bay Recovery, you have access to a number of benefits, including:

  • Residential care for 14-28 days
  • Partial hospitalization treatment
  • Outpatient, intensive outpatient, and community outpatient programs
  • Detox including 24-hour medical detox
  • Multiple types of therapy, including family therapy and trauma therapy
  • 12 step, holistic, and yoga programs
  • Substance abuse treatment

As you can see, paying for rehabilitation isn’t limited to any one type of treatment. You get access to a wide array of services and programs. With varying levels of intensity and commitment depending on your specific needs.

Through our Maine rehab program, you will have access to all the tools you need to beat your addiction. Whether you need emergency treatment to deal with severe symptoms or gentle and measured rehabilitation, there is an option for you.

Unique Solutions When Paying for Rehab in Portland, ME

A comprehensive approach is often the best way to beat addiction. With a set of programs and activities tailored to every unique patient, there’s a solution for everyone. From the standard and very effective intensive outpatient program to more specialized options like confrontational therapy. There are enough options for every patient to find their niche. At Liberty Bay Recovery, we offer a form of therapy that is faster paced than most, designed to trigger quick and reactive change. We aim to motivate progress and improvement, rapidly changing behavior in more positive directions.

Remember that you don’t have to let addiction control your life. A strong Maine rehab program at an established facility can give you the help you need along with rehab financing. If you want to start on the road to recovery. Then look no further than Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, ME. Contact us at [Direct] or visit us online and get started on your wellness recovery today.