An addiction to drugs or alcohol can result in a wide variety of external issues, including codependency. At Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine, we can provide you with effective treatment options for addictions as well as problems with codependency.

We are able to prescribe and refill medication for anxiety and depression, but for other mental health concerns we refer out. Certainly, more severe mental health concerns may arise after you have some time clean and sober. If these traits emerge, or they were not disclosed during admission, we do our best to find outside psychiatric help while you are receiving treatment.

What Is Codependency?

Codependency is a behavioral, psychological, and emotional issue that can begin to develop for a wide variety of reasons. When an individual becomes codependent, they will not be able to form a sense of personal identity outside of whatever person or substance that they are codependent. This is actually a relatively new concept in the fields of psychology and substance abuse treatment, with codependency first identified and treated just over 10 years ago.

While no two addictions or relationships are identical, there are a number of common characteristics for those that are codependent. The individual that is closest to the addict may feel a sense of overwhelming personal responsibility for their loved one to the point that it negatively impacts their own life. They will often go out of their way to invest more into the relationship or feel an extreme need for approval from the addict. Another common characteristic, and one that can be especially devastating, is the justification they will begin to develop for the addiction itself. A codependent might not confront the addiction because of past trauma or if they believe that the addict is still functioning on some level.

Codependency is not just dangerous for the addict, but it will also be damaging for their loved ones. The codependent will often begin to lose their own sense of self which might require treatment on its own. This is one of the reasons that addictions and codependency must be treated at the same time. If only one of the problems is treated, then there will almost never be long-term results. After transitioning back into their daily life, addicts may quickly find themselves relapsing or experiencing all of the same triggers that caused them to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place.

Don’t Wait. Call Today for Codependency Treatment

Continuing to struggle with substance abuse will not only hurt the addict, but it will also negatively impact all those around them. When left untreated, addicts will face mounting problems with their health, relationships, finances, and career.

We can assist you regardless of which insurance you have, whether it is United Medical Resources (UMR), Cigna, Humana, Aetna, ValueOptions, United Health Care, Providence Health Plans, Government Employee Health Association), (GEHA), state insurance, or Harvard Program HealthCare. We also provide numerous self-pay options that are reasonably priced.

Contact Liberty Bay Recovery

If you feel as if your relationship has transitioned into codependency or you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there is help out there. Liberty Bay Recovery takes a comprehensive look at addicts in order to not only treat the side effects of substance abuse but to also treat the root causes of the addiction. Anyone that is ready for long-term results should contact Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine at 844-894-2673 and take that first step toward a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.



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