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woman and doctor discussing medication assisted detox program maineIf you or a loved one is struggling with addiction to a substance such as opioids, heroin, fentanyl or alcohol, it can be difficult to know what to do. Even if you know that you want to make a positive life change and get on the road to recovery, the thought of withdrawal can be frightening enough to keep you from making the call. The good news is that medications now exist that can ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Our medication-assisted detox program in Maine can help you get clean and give you the support you need to succeed. Our medication-assisted detox center in Maine is the place where recovery happens.

How Do Medication-Assisted Detox Programs in Maine Work?

Substance addictions have a physical component and an emotional component. Both sides of the equation affect the recovery process, and lasting success depends on attention to both of them. The physical component of withdrawal can be scary. It can include nausea, headaches, excessive sweating and flu-like symptoms. Emotional issues and more serious problems could also arise.

Many of these symptoms are a result of your body trying to rebound and reestablish normal levels. In the end, they are good signs, but it is important not to try to get through them alone. Medications for addiction are available that can help your body recover more quickly from dependence on a substance and reduce cravings.

Going through detox at a medication-assisted detox center in Maine can make the process much easier. Medication-assisted treatment takes a holistic approach and treats both the physical and emotional issues that might arise during the initial withdrawal phase.

What Happens at a Medication-Assisted Detox Center in Maine?

At Liberty Bay Recovery, the process begins when you call our specialists and enter into our medication-assisted detox program in Maine. When you enter into the program, we evaluate your needs and create a plan that is right for you.

The first step in the detox process is the most difficult. This is when your body needs to clear itself of the drugs or alcohol. You can go through an array of physical and emotional changes during this time. We can help by providing you with medications to ease your symptoms. Also, counselors help you deal with difficult emotions that might come up. The entire program typically takes 14 to 28 days.

You not only have the support of professional staff, but you are also in an environment where others are going through the same thing. You can lean on each other and know that you are not alone. Clients have the support of a physician who monitors symptoms and adjusts medications as needed. The good news is that this initial process usually takes less than a week for most people.

Once the substances clear your system, you enter into a program to learn new coping skills and gain access to the support that you need to make positive, permanent changes in your life.

About Our Medication-Assisted Detox Program in Maine

Liberty Bay Recovery is a medication-assisted detox center in Maine that offers a number of programs to suit your needs. The programs that we offer include:

One thing that makes our detox programs Maine different is that we offer specialized programs for different substances. Depending on your addiction, you can enter into a program that specializes in alcohol addiction treatment, prescription drug addiction treatment, crack cocaine addiction treatment and many others.

The first step to recovery and the start of a better life is to call Liberty Bay Recovery and ask about one of our detox programs in Maine. You can reach us at 855.607.8758.