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Addiction to drugs and alcohol doesn’t discriminate. Whether you are a man or woman, black or white, young or old, you can become dangerously dependent on drugs or alcohol. That being said, women can experience addiction differently. That is why it is important for many to receive the help they need from a women’s rehab center.

Gender-specific Challenges

two women talk about a womens rehab center Portland Maine trustsFemales experience addiction differently from their male counterparts. One reason is physiological. Their generally smaller bodies mean that alcohol and other chemicals are absorbed more quickly and thoroughly into the bloodstream. As a result, women feel the effects of substances at lower doses. Additionally, those substances remain in the tissues and organs for longer. Over time, women may experience more brain and organ damage as a consequence. These factors underscore the importance of getting professional help from a women’s rehab center as early during the addiction as possible.

Other elements also distinguish the genders when it comes to addiction and the need for treatment from a women’s rehab center Portland Maine residents trust. Females tend to encounter the following additional challenges:

  • Child-care concerns
  • Custody worries around acknowledging addiction
  • Reduced self-esteem
  • Lower wages
  • Less access to resources
  • Co-occurring concerns such as eating disorders, mental illness and the effects of trauma

Recovery during and after treatment in a women’s rehab center is also not the same for women as it is for men. Although healing can happen faster because women are hard-wired to focus on healing and relationships, females can also be more prone to relapse if relationship issues, mental health concerns or body image become too much of a focus. Stress and hormonal changes can also play an integral part in helping or hindering recovery. A women’s rehab center should address all of these factors.

What Gender-based Treatment Involves

Any residential or outpatient program will help clients to address the causes and triggers of their addictions. They’ll also teach life skills that promote health and sobriety. In addition, a women’s rehab Portland Maine residents trust will give special attention to the needs and points of view of women. To that end, a high-quality women’s rehab center Portland Maine will promote accountability without harsh judgments or name-calling. Emphasis should be on healing, forming positive relationships, and promoting self-reliance, confidence, and self-care.

Liberty Bay Recovery Is Here For You

If you need a women’s rehab center whose staff understands not only what you’re going through but how to get past it once and for all, look no further than Liberty Bay Recovery Center. We are a women’s rehab Portland Maine trusts that offers a full spectrum of programs and services customized to meet your individual needs. That includes the following:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Proven individual, group, and 12-step addiction treatment methods
  • Residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and follow-up after graduation
  • Expertise in mental health, trauma, and other concerns that can lead to addiction or make it worse
  • Gender-specific rooms
  • Nourishing meals prepared on-site

If you need cocaine, heroin, alcohol or prescription drug rehab Portland Maine trusts, contact Liberty Bay Recovery Center at 855-607-8758. Our team can help you find the self-empowerment, insights, and coping skills necessary to live a healthy, substance-free life.