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Andrea D.

“Family weekend was great and we got a lot out of it. We also got to have a Saturday night sleepover which was a very special treat for all of us.”

Fred W.

“I just wanted to thank everybody at Liberty Bay for the family weekend. I found it very informative and very constructive.”

Slade M.

“Liberty Bay has changed my life. When I arrived I was a man of dishonesty, deceit, and fearful to be who I am. I learned to tell the truth, stand for something, how to be a leader, and most importantly, how to help others and be grateful for the things I have. If you want to change and gain the tools needed to live a life of recovery, then there is no place in the country better than Liberty Bay to achieve that goal. I arrived feeling alone, I left with a new family that I will have forever.”

Dylan K.

“Liberty Bay has given me the tools to help myself and others. The staff has taught me right living, helped me to see my blind spots and showed me the meaning of gratitude. If I could tell anyone thinking about coming in I would say that Liberty Bay has loved me so that I could get the place of gratitude and faith in myself and my Higher Power. This place saved my life.”

Mike R.

“Liberty Bay came through for us at a time when we were desperate. It was clear from the beginning that they cared – they really cared and we could feel that. My daughter is on the road to recovery as a result. We cannot thank all of you enough.”

Tracey K.

“I cannot say enough positive about the people here and the work that they do. You are all angels doing the work that you do. Amazing!! I have learned so much and am so grateful that my brother is here – So grateful Nate called him back – FATE. Thank you for giving your lives to help these boys. Saints, absolute saints you are.”

Valerie M.

“This was a very effective and informative family weekend — it brought up key personal problems and issues that I need to work on — not just my son, but family issues. Pointing out key information that I did not realize was a huge part of the weekend for me. Our family has a lot of work to do and Liberty Bay helped us get to a place of acceptance.”

Tyler W.

“Thank you for not giving up on me. I was ready to quit lots of times and the staff was always there to talk and help me get my head straight. I have over 90 days clean and am transitioning to sober living and can’t wait to get to started on my new life.”

John R.

“I can tell you it was a very intense, emotional and informative experience. Liberty Bay is an exceptional recovery facility. The staff is very professional. Most have a past history of alcohol/chemical dependency. Just listening to them, you sense they have the educational and dependency background that is needed to help addicts like my brother. Thank you for giving him another shot at a life worth living.”

Ann A.

“I just want to express how wonderful both Lynn and Ron were during family therapy. The insight and getting to the heart of the issues was impressive to watch and experience. My take away was that you are doing “good work” at Liberty Bay.”