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Located just minutes from the beautiful waters of Back Cove that filter into Casco Bay, Portland Oregon is the most populous city in Maine. Known for its architecture and nightlife, the city is a hub of activity. With a heavy reliance on tourism and the marine industry, Portland ME has a vibrant metro area. However, as with any bustling economic city, there also comes the problem of drug addiction. Whether its heroin, crack, amphetamines, or alcohol, the challenges of drug abuse are powerful to overcome. This makes it important to have a prescription drug addiction treatment Portland Maine center. Portland Maine Medical Detox Center has stepped in to answer this crisis with an inpatient heroin rehab center.

Defining the Problem

girl sitting on the floor with an open bottle of pills in front of her is holding her head in pain, she is in desperate need of an inpatient heroin rehab center for help.Before we can find a solution to the drug epidemic, we need to define the problem. According to the CDC Maine is one of the worst states for increased drug overdoses. Instead of the drug crisis decreasing, it has increased by 10.9 %. The national average increase in drug overdoses was 6.6 %. As you can see, Maine is struggling with the drug crisis.

Why is there an increase in drug overdoses? Dr. Fellers, who is a medical director at Maine Medical Center, says one reason is the rise in fentanyl use. Aside from fentanyl, people become addicted to heroin, prescription drugs, alcohol, and other substances as well. Through an opiate addiction treatment center, people affected discover freedom.

Who is Affected by the Drug Crisis in Portland, ME

While we may have an image of what a drug user is like in our mind, it’s often times the wrong image. Drug addiction problems affect all types of people. It can take down those in high positions just as fast as it takes down the person with little status.

Not only does drug addiction hurt individuals with its horrific consequences, but it often tears families and loved ones apart too. Drug addiction strikes at whole communities so that we cannot say this is an individual problem — drug addiction affects us all.

Hope With an Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

When stuck in the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse, it may seem impossible to break free. If you or someone you know is going through this struggle, it’s crucial to realize that there is hope through opiate addiction treatment center Portland Maine. By taking the steps to reclaim your life without drugs, you will find a life of happiness.

Find an Opiate Addiction Treatment Center Portland Maine

How can you find the opiate addiction treatment program that will meet your needs? There are certain requirements to look for in an addiction center such as:

  • Has a highly-qualified medical staff
  • Caters to a broad variety of drug addiction needs
  • Offers varying levels of addiction services (partial hospitalization, outpatient, intensive outpatient, residential, and so on)
  • Provides several therapy options such as 12 step, holistic, DBT, family therapy, trauma therapy, etc
  • Geared towards changing behavior
  • Experienced in dual diagnosis

Introducing Liberty Bay Recovery Center

Welcome to our opiate addiction treatment center Portland Maine where we treat every person with respect and compassion. Our therapeutic community is motivated to help you confront the behaviors which led to drug addiction and help you find freedom. Not only do we aid in drug and alcohol addiction, but we offer dual diagnosis treatment as well. Our medical professionals use evidence-based therapy solutions to bring about holistic healing from drug and alcohol addiction.

Don’t let the pain of addiction harm your life. You can be an overcomer by going to an opiate addiction treatment center. Contact us at 855.607.8758, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.